DC Government hiring for "Trace Force" positions to track down people who came in contact with COVID-19

The DC governement is hiring investigators who track down anyone that big brother surveillance data has shown to come within 5 ft of a person infected with COVID-19.

I am sure that those who get tracked down will have absolutely nothing to do with their politics or social media statements.


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What another great way to undermine the public’s trust in their institutions.

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Just what we need. More incompetent civil servants wandering around with devices that they don’t understand or know how to use.

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Ever been to DC? They are probably just looking for anyone with a pulse, who is fluent in Ebonics, and has a God complex. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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Just found the director of the program…


If we want to live in a free country, we need to demand accountability and justice for the betrayal bestowed upon us. Let them know we’re coming for answers and to take back our rights

Free The People, Lockdown The Politicians