David Hogg Back in the News

Has anybody here heard of ANY assisanation attempt on Hogg, let alone seven?

That’s something the LMSM would jump on like a dog on a dreamsicle.

I wonder if he’s counting attampts by his parents to smother him in his sleep with a pillow?

" Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg said he has been the target of seven “assassination attempts” in the last year.

The vocal supporter of gun-control legislation detailed his experiences throughout the last 18 months as he went from regular high school student to one of the faces of the school safety movement in [an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday. He was not asked for further details about the threats.

Tha’s some hard hitting journalism right there.

He’s going to end up being a white Jussie Smollett.

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I posted the exact same thread over at BNN.

Did you pick up on the “dog on a dreamsicle” comment?

Guess what the “usual suspects” did over there.

I wonder if tey have a secret handshake or something?

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This little puke doesnt seem to understand that one has to be important to be a target of assassination

And the little bastard wants to remain in the spotlight and now he doing the Jussie thing

I hope the MSM investigates and puts this little shit to bed once in for all

He got his 15 minutes of fame

Hogg reminds me of that coward John McCain


I really wasn’t sure who he is. His 15 minutes of fame ended long ago.

You mean to tell me that there have been 7 attempts on David’s life and the media didn’t hear about any of them until now?

The MSM is not likely to investigate anyone that speaks their narrative. That would be akin to the Democrat Party investigating Hillary.

Those “attempts” were likely just people giving him the finger.

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The guy thought he was going to be “something” and “someone”. As people moved on, he became less relevant.

He is a classic example of how the left will use you, exploit you and leave you to hang out to dry when they move on to their next shiny object.

David hogg has lost his shine. And quite frankly, no one cares about “assassination attempts” because no one would bother. It is just him trying desperately to somehow become relevant again an regain his “shiny object” status that has come and gone.

Best for this guy is to go to college, find a career and live a normal life.


He’s become their poster child, why on earth would they challenge any of his BS?

Looks like is striving to be a “useful idiot.”

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An effortless endeavor for The Hogg.