Damn Trump won Michigan too!

How can Biden be president with these eye witness… something is going on.

On November 4th 50,000 supplemental names!?

All born January 1920!?



Just so much that doesn’t add up … and the majority of the country knows it, but it is going to get through anyway. Short of an all out, violent revolt, Biden will be POTUS… unfortunately… and the country and the world will be screwed for the foreseeable future.

All lying Trumpers. Every bit of this has been examined, Trump’s own DOJ/FBI investigated the election fraud allegations and all the Trumper can say is that the DOJ/AG/and FBI are corrupt. The reality is that Trump is loathed by Americans for the filth and incivility he has visited upon this country, and we rose in crushing numbers to repudiate his nasty ass. And now, he’s being run out of Washington under the most humiliating circumstances, fitting of this criminal that attacked America’s democracy and attempted a coup on justice and American greatness…

“All lying Trumpers”…lol. The hypocrisy just drips from that statement. :roll_eyes:

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Is this guy not believable? If he’s lying he’s a great actor? 50 fucking thousand votes! This is a travesty of injustice only going to lead to real bad things

Yes, he’s a fucking liar and has no credibility and furthermore, cannot prove his bullshit…:roll_eyes:

Why are so many ppl lying? Thousands and thousands… risking jail… you need to treat everyone equal stop your hate!

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This this situation could and should have been avoided. When allegations began to appear there should hav been an investigation, both parties should have insisted that the allegations be investigated. As it was a Feral office it should have ben a Feral investigation.

Unfortunately both parties sat on their hands, th GOP was to pathetic and the Democrats stood much to lose. So they dems rode out the initial storm to where we are today.

Biden will be in office under the dark cloud of election fraud.

Another president of half the country. Perhaps this is the payback for the hell Trump went through for 4 years as the favor is returned.

Careful… Jackel almost came out, there!

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Here’s a little sissy ass member here pushing 100% bull shit…like there’s any proof of
voter fraud…THERE ISN’T!!! MORON…You might be a little more effective if you didn’t
lie so much…This ass hole you posted about is full of shit and a liar… You dik heads could
produce 1 million signatures that are no better than 1 cuz it’s all lies…100% lies…

Monte/Jackel = Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Same attitude just a bit more angry which monte represses.


Trump won huge! The evidence is overwhelming!


What’s going on with this court case. I wonder