DaJackel "Can we still keep trump as the president"

Hey what the next step to keep trump in the presidency…huh

Now donnie can refuse to leave huh

trump can offer free nude pictures of melania…na melanins got millions of nude
pictures all over the world huh

trump could offer free nude pictures of ivanka cus he’s got many albums of them…

He could prove he didn’t have sex with his teenage daughter that might win some
over but that would enrage red necks cuz they want incest to be made legal huh

Da (My Mom bangs black guys) Jackel


I don’t have a mom… I’m a GOD…GODS don’t need moms…you’re really a stupid fuk aren’t you…
get with it I’m not going to keep leading you around and telling you what to do and say…

WARNING: Keep it up and I’ll have to get you banned…

so how many black guys has your poor mom banged this week to keep up with her crack addiction??? your a crack baby you poor poor thing

Hey “BLACKDICKSTHEBOSS” really now I’m a superior being and you are a far lesser thing…
except in your ability to lie and make things up…

Now I just received a email about you and Terry said you live in a trailer in Mississippi…they sent me a picture of you by your trailer…the interesting thing is it’s a black trailer park…and the good black people there are in the process of voting to get rid of you cuz you’re white trash and your trailer is junk…and you never clean out your out house…so sad very sad but realistic

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Let’s see you other duck jamming ass wrangler butt munching Monte up voted you! Imagine that! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You’re not even a citizen in the USA

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ya gettin everything you want huh…

I now hear your wife is attending your club cuz you been living a lie…and she
needs some dik what not some black dik huh What you think of that huh

Ya he is PIMPY… and just sit there until we tell you different…red necks are the most stupid
animals anywhere

Ohio isn’t in the USA? Okay. And you called me stupid :thinking:

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Hey…BLACKDIKSTHEBOSS…Sorry to hear your mom fuks black guys
I didn’t think she’s a racist and sure enough mom was in watts giving it out…
try to get her under control will ya…Is that where you got your AIDS huh

No I’m calling you stupid I’m calling you a complete jag off …
you don’t even have a job loser…total loser good for nothing

I’m good for getting your panties in a
bunch… eh? :rofl:

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All too funny!