D-Day Remembered! 76th Anniversary

For the first time in a long time, there will be no gatherings at Normandy thanks to the CCP Virus. However that doesn’t mean that we can’t honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice so all we could enjoy the freedoms we do today as Americans, and across the world. A shout out to those who served and had loved ones who survived that fateful day on June 6, 1944.


From Canadians Perspective.

Committed to preserving history not rewriting it!

From the British Troops perspective.

Honoring my outfit! 101st “Screaming Eagles”

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(For those who glorify death and destruction while never learning shit from history)

What does this have to do with “D-Day” anniversary? Again posting shit that is irrelevant to the purpose of the thread!

@Patriot @Tyfoon

Can you please address this? This poster is posting something that has nothing to do with this threads topic which is remembering D-day and its vets.

If the soldiers who stormed the beaches in Normandy in June 1944 could see England as it is today, they wouldn’t have gone forty yards up that beach.

— David Irving, English historian

The fake Kennedy quote is ridiculous and a well known fake. Posting that crap is really stupid.

He supposedly wrote it in his diary.
We don’t know if it’s fake.

Even if it’s fake, the statement is true.

his quotes in the diary never said that. He spoke of Hitler in a historical sense, commenting on the power Hitler had objectively. Nothing about complementing Hitler in any way.

Yes we know it is fake. Nothing true about it.

You know, One of these times you’re going to have to let them have their romantic warmongering celebrations…

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