Cue the next wave

Does anyone else find the timing of these allegations a bit suspect?

I am sure their lawyers coached them into making these claims.

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Not sure if that was sarcastic or serious.

There was recently an article about aides to one of the Dem congress critters coaching migrants who were denied asylum on how to retry with different tactics.

I was being completely serious. These assholes are all being coached on what to say. This is no different.

Should the kids in Yuma have waited for a more suitable time to report their abuse???

Why not at all. #believeme :roll_eyes: :joy:

Yeah I remember reading this story and is clearly despicable! I wonder by doing this if she is violating her oath of office? The fact that people are not outraged by this is clearly troubling to say the least!

Yeah, this sounds like nothing more than a stunt. Under federal law a wittiness to a crime or victim of a crime who reports it cannot be deported.

This has got to be illegal, aiding and abetting.

What evidence of abuse is there?

Carefully coached and rehearsed statements.

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Exactly, the facts no longer matter as long as you can make an outrageous enough and salacious enough allegation.

Expect to see much more of this since federal law prevents the deportation of witnesses and victims of crimes.