Cucked Trump Says People Support Gun Control

This moron needs to stop talking or just admit what he’s really after.

Trump wants you gunless and outnumbered, surrounded by un-deported rapists on every side.

Yeah - there’s a great appetite from Democrats.

How can he possibly think this will buy him any street cred from the left?

Because his slut daughter and his son-in-law say so?


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So sick of hearing about background checks, they already do background checks when you buy a gun.
They just want to modify the criteria to suit their agenda.

They want to do background checks like they do for jobs, use glorified social media aggregators that call themselves consumer reporting agencies that can position your information based on how they feel about you.

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Trump was right. I am so tired of all this winning!

My boomer dad just served me the ice cold take that Trump won’t be re-elected unless he does the background checks.

We all know that Trump’s base is notorious for supporting gun control.

Relax. Trump is just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass. He does this a lot. Says the empty platitudes, then once attention is elsewhere, he’ll quietly forget about it.

This isn’t the first time red flag laws and background checks are mentioned after a mass shooting.

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“Background checks”

That is the level of political debate in the United States. We get basically no details, no good faith discussion of any topic. And the Republican Party is a massive fraud on its voters.

The RP is the only reason we’ve come as far as we have and the means by which we’ve avoided all of the onerous gun controls proposed in the last forty years since the left first started trying to outlaw handguns.

Before Trump was a politician, when he could be more candid with his real positions on this, he was an advocate of stricter gun regulation, including a ban on “assault weapons”. And little wonder that he’s advocating “red flag laws” sense following the Parkland shooting he suggested that cops should confiscate guns from people they think are mentally ill and allow the courts to sort it out later…

Which only violates a little over half of the BOR and the 14th Amendment as well as turning the presumption of innocence on it’s head.