Cucked Swedish Court Reduces Sentence for Far-Left Weapons Hoarding Extremist


A Swedish court has reduced the sentence for far-left extremist Jonas Linde who was convicted earlier this year for hoarding and assembling illegal firearms.

The decision comes after Mr Linde appealed the initial five-year sentence handed down earlier this year, with the high court reducing the sentence to four years after claiming that the crime does not meet sufficient criteria to be considered extremely serious, Nyheter Idag reports.

The cache of weapons was found last year in June by two Latvian burglars who were searching for fuel to steal. What they stumbled on was described as a gun factory where Mr Linde had imported parts for semi-automatic AR-15 rifles and assembled five rifles.

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If this were a conservative they would have used this as an opportunity to bring the full weight of the lopsided leftist legal system down on his head. But, because it’s one of their own foot soldiers, they will take a gentler approach. Very nice.

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Sweden as you know is a feminist country, and with very few exceptions, females just can’t grasp realpolitiks, nor are they pragmatists like us. It’s why Sweden is on count-down.