Cucked San Francisco May Require Drivers to Make Reservations and Pay to Drive Down Road

This is “progress” San Francisco! You won’t need a reservation to shit in the street, but you will need one to drive down one.

California wants to charge drivers to make their way down what is famously known as “Crooked Street” in San Francisco – all in an attempt to alleviate traffic congestion.

A bill allowing the city to impose a pricing and reservation system was approved by state lawmakers on Thursday. It would apply to Lombard Street in San Francisco, a long-time tourist attraction.

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A few moments of seeing the sights, a few hours cleaning shit from the treads of your shoes. Don’t flatter yourself, San Francisco. You’re like every other bullshit tourist trap.

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If it really was such a hassle and causing major traffic problems they could just close the street down to vehicles. Not rocket science. Then again, neither is stopping people from shooting up drugs in public and shitting all over the place.

The Peoples Democratic Republic of Commiefornia has an easy solution to every problem, create a tax.They might as well make all streets toll streets money problems solved.

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They won’t tax the wealthy who live on that street though. They will tax the tourists who come to see it. When you’re at the top of the heap of the liberal food chain, everyone else exists to serve you.

Sounds like King William J. Clinton 1and Queen Hillary of NY.Both have been " served" by many people, especially King William.