Cucked Massachusetts Museum Condemns Legal Use of its Art by German Far-Right Party

Germany - The Alternative for Deutschland party, or AfD, put up 30 posters of the painting ‘Slave Market’ by Jean-Leon Gerome, across Berlin with the slogan: “So that Europe won’t become ‘Eurabia!’ Europeans vote for AfD.”

So, museums suddenly become the very artists that painted the artwork when they are (purchased and) hung there, huh? I see… so that’s how that works.

I don’t think “far-right” is the best characterization for AfD. Maybe something like “to the right of center” would be more appropriate. Still, as long as the party is legally using the art the museum can complain as much as they want. They are still making money.

We sure have seen plenty of images of slave markets in the US. Fuck the museum. The fucking Ottomans did hold my people slaves even longer and later than the blacks were held as slaves in the US.

It’s historical fact. The difference is, my people did not become inbred stupid.

You don’t have the right to use other people’s property without permission.