"Crissy the Pissy" Wallace Leaves Fox News For CNN

Can’t say that I didn’t see this one coming but there you have it! Wallace is now at CNN effective immediately and I say good riddance! CNN aka “Clown News Network” the same network that the likes of such clowns Montecrusty loves to quote to pass off as a credible news source! :rofl: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: Clowns rejoice of this recent news development!

As the saying goes: “See ya, don’t want to be ya!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Gee… The libby is joining the libby station. Bye bye!

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You all know this is monte right lol

Political hack !! Dipshit belongs on CNN .


If he left because of tucker he should have the balls to go on his show.

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Like father like son. Chris has always been an elitist insider. The sort who wouldn’t survive for a month outside the bubble.

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Wallace almost single-handedly destroyed the credibility of presidential debates, possibly for all time.

On Sept. 29, 2020, he moderated the Trump vs. Biden presidential debate, making it also the most biased in presidential history.

Wallace lobbed softball after softball question at his favored candidate, Joe Biden.

He then spewed vitriol at the candidate he disdained, President Donald Trump.

Here’s an example of a Wallace loaded question for Trump:

“It turns out that in Obama’s final three years as president more jobs were created. A million and a half more jobs than in the first three years of your presidency.”

The real truth is that in Obama’s eight years as president the U.S. created a net 883,000 new jobs (110,000 per year).

Meanwhile, during the pre-pandemic years of the Trump presidency, the U.S. added 546,000 jobs, (182,000 per year).
Trump wins by a very large margin based on the truth, not using Chris Wallace’s made up spin.

And Wallace chose not to mention that household median income rose by just $3,299 under eight years of Obama, while jumping $6,089 in four years under Trump.

These are undeniable facts.

When it came time to review the economic policies of the two candidates, Wallace chose first to grill Trump on reports that he paid only $700 in taxes during his first two years as president.

This was like a “when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife question.”

It was especially egregious that Wallace did this to Trump when he knew full well that the New York Times had reported that the billionaire had actually paid $94.4 million in taxes since 2005.

But the moderator was following the “Chris Wallace Rule,” ignore the facts in favor of a liberal bias.

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That was an excellent summation of why most people with a brain who are not by any measure unreasonable now hate and don’t trust the media. Wallace just tore off the mask during that debate and he never quite recovered from the amount of criticism and backlash he received. No wonder why he is leaving Fox Tucker pretty much ousted him as he is the number one rated show right now and Wallace’s ratings were always sinking.

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Brit Hume very recently tweeted the following:

“Chris Wallace and I have been friends since we covered the House of Representatives together in the late 70’s. I was delighted we ended up together at Fox News, and am sad to see him go.”

Since I am about the same place on the political spectrum that Brit Hume is–basically, center-right–it is really no surprise that I would say “amen!” to this.

he fits perfectly well with New Day CNN John Berman and the fat briena Kieler , with an excption, Alyson Camartat was fired from Fox for banging a Cameraman Wallace and Briana on stage legs in the air like legs spread wide open Kamala Harris , and Johnie asks what ya doing Briana says its TRUMPS fault

Chris Wallace an idiot and a clown, Like Leslie Marshall, The two were dating ya know , Cameraman caught the banging in a bathroom, Like Alyson Camaratta, But here is whats interesting , The laptop Drunk Nancy Pelosi misplaced during the 1/62021 Peaceful Protest, had pic of Wallace and Leslie doing it with Kamala Harris doing Chuck Schumer

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