Cringe Worthy Meltdown at Starbucks

This is the new norm. If you see anyone acting this way call the police and GTFO!

Props to the barista for staying calm.

The reaction on Twitter is pretty hilarious too!

Reaction on twitter…

Why are there two of the same tweets?

Just to be clear…this is fake acting nonsense. This is the stupid shit we get when we live in a world where people get paid by how many clicks they get.

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Obviously fake and incredibly gay.

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Probably because I tried to post the URL to the thread and instead got a different result. Fixed it

Yow, I think someone already had enough caffeine.

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Either that or Starbucks laces their coffee with hallucinogens. :crazy_face:

I do not believe that this is an actual happening.

At best, Starbucks has mediocre coffee. I lived in Central America. I know what great coffee tastes like. Ya gotta do the ritual with locally grown coffees. It’s a labor of love.

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Waffle House serves much better coffee than does Starbucks.

Starbucks loves the bucks.

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My go to coffee place is IHOP. The pancakes don’t hurt either. Since I beat cancer I’m supposed to stay away from the good stuff…but what the hell is the point of living if you have to eat rabbit food all day everyday :joy:

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Congratulations on that. What a horrible thing to happen to a person. I’m glad you’re okay now.

Living and life are two different things :wink:

Their coffee must be real bad for the brain.Did this woman escape from a mental hospital???

Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake news