Crazy Bernie Sanders Says Genocidal Abortion Will Help Fight Climate Change

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he supports abortion, in part, as a way to curb human population in light of climate change.

A member of the audience asked the Vermont senator about human population growth during CNN’s climate town hall Wednesday. She specifically asked Sanders whether he would support measures to curb that growth.

The audience member added that “the planet cannot sustain this growth” and “empowering women and educating everyone” on curbing the population seems “reasonable.” Sanders said he supports women being able to “control their own bodies” and have abortions when answering the climate change question.

“The answer is yes and the answer has everything to do with the fact that women, in the United States of America, by the way, have a right to control their own bodies and make reproductive decisions,” Sanders said.

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If a Republican said we should use abortion to control another country’s population, they’d be accused of supporting genocide against an entire religious, ethnic and racial group of people.

Meanwhile, Bernie will get a pass from the Democrats because they actually agree with him.

We shouldn’t have provided food, medicine, and aid to the third world to begin with.

Children are a blessing from the Lord …

Can you imagine in a Republican were advocating for funding of Planned Parenthood in a black community? But with Democrats it’s just their everyday…

So would killing everyone over 75. Plus just think of the medicare savings. Bye Bernie!

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I know that “post-birth” abortion is all the rage with these crazy socialists today, but why put a limit on it? Maybe Bernie should live up to his words and volunteer himself for a post-birth abortion? With the amount of hot air he spews the whole planet might cool off a degree or two!

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So he is saying “less” people = better climate?

Let’s start with less people trying to get in to the US.

That’s what’s called a 312th trimester abortion … if it happens in the next few days.

September 8th marks the beginning of his 313th trimester.

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