Coward Democrats stab patriot proud boys at March

Of course Democrats mobs wait till it’s dark and the crowd dwindles down to attack WITH WEAPONS… Democrats are cowards

Ammo Up!

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Watch the mayor tell the police to only arrest republicans, even the ones stabbed will get 10 years in jail. We need to take DC back force the mayor to surrender. Have her face a military tribunal

Where is the police? Told to stand down?

That is why we must prepare! Only “We the People” can save us now!

There are proud boys that got ten years in jail in NY for standing up to antifa Democrats… bull shit
We need military tribunals

That is what activist judges do! Side with the communists! Very eerily similar to China’s judicial system. My my, what a coincidence.

We are going to have a war on our hands soon, if this shit continues.

the fourth reich…

Hey @montecresto1 why do you lefties attack in mobs SINGLE PPL !? When they are walking away!?