Covid Recovery spending paid w/Value Added Tax

You’re out of you mind. The suffer with limited choice due to substandard payout.

Because of the amounts they have to pay, many are required to get a supplement plan. 100+ more a month.

Part A: Deductible 1408.
After that charges can kick in.

80/20 plan with no max out of pocket.

Please that is the party line and most seniors are stretched at best to pay for medical.

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Go ahead and pay more.

As a business owner who terminated all of my employees, I work the business myself and pay close to 50% to the government when I work. I am unwilling to pay a dime more in taxes as my next option will be to close the business.

And trading stocks is to a business unless you incorporated. Which you probably didn’t so you’re just another day trader paying your day trade costs and taxes like everyone else.

Do you pay yourself a salary?
Do you pay SS taxes for yourself and the business half?
Do you pay medicare taxes?
Do you pay for workers comp?
What do you pay?

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Some of my stocks have taken a free-fall during the Covid-19 crisis. I am hoping it will rally at some point in the next few weeks. Just as long as the markets continue to rally, we should be alright.

My wife and I do pay capital gain taxes on our profitable trades, we also pay pricey premiums on our health insurance. Honestly, we’d rather just pay a bit more in capital gains in exchange for getting a guaranteed subsistence living allowance as well as us getting tax-payer funded health insurance.

I hope what you are asking for never happens because then those of us in Canada who can afford to travel to the United States for out-of-pocket quality medical care won’t be able to get it. You really don’t know what you are asking for.

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Medicare, even the universal health insurance I’ve proposed being paid by a ten percent value-added-tax, is way better health insurance coverage at a lower cost than the high deductible with 30 percent coinsurance blue cross blue shield insurance plan my wife and I are paying high premiums towards.

Fortunately, somebody I know in government who is a friend of mine warned me back in early February how bad this Corona virus pandemic was going to hurt stock prices; so I sold all my stock positions then, and got back into the market when stock prices overall had nearly bottomed.

Wow! I would have put them on “hold”. That is what I did with mine. I did sell a couple. But I put the rest on hold. In hope, I can buy later?

So your motivation is you want everyone to lose their healthcare in hopes yours will be cheaper.

No he’s clueless and is going with the Bernie party line.

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You’re not a business just a trader. Try running a real business where you pay Federal, state, local taxes as well as 2x SS taxes as well as medicare taxes and a host of business costs.

In other words you know nothing about small business and the associated costs.

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There is no scientific evidence that hiding from the virus saved lives. There is evidence that it destroyed the best economy in US history.

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I see you fail to respond. Nothing but BS.

At the moment, I might not be paying into social security , but that does not mean I’m clueless regarding taxes or insurance. I’ve got a degree in business finance. I’ve spent years working in financial services and I have also sold lots of medicare supplemental insurance policies. .

I do happen to realize we are now living together in a C.O.V.I.D.-19 ravaged world where almost anybody is now dependent on some sort of government assistance Lots of jobs are going to be replaced with automation. Many Americans are also going to be dependent on government solutions to help them survive the next pandemic or natural calamity.

So you basically want full scale socialism. As it is right now the top 1 percent of earners in this country pay 30.2 percent, the top 5 percent pay 51.1 percent, the top quintile pays 80.1 percent and the bottom quintile pays negative 9.0 percent.


Yes! C.O.V.I.D.-19 is the great equalizer that has awaken us to the need of addressing and solving the problems of economic inequality.

Hard work addresses and solves the problem of economic inequality. Not handouts.

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Do you really understand small business?

When I work, I send half my earning to the government.

When I had employees, the expenses were higher with employees demanding more.

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You are welcome to send all excess wealth to the government for redistribution.

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That’s exactly why being a sole proprietor was the way to go for me. When I had a small custom ATV shop with 4 mechanics and 2 body guys my overhead went through the roof. Being solo, I can keep my costs low and turn more profit. The harder I work, the faster I turn the ATVs around and the more money I make. It’s a tough concept for some.

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