🟨 COVID-19 Tracker

This is posted for information only.

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Thank you Asaratis! Maybe we can put the conspiracy theories to bed now?

The JHU tracker is superior in every way.

I like this one the best. The Excel sheet is the best way to review the numbers.


Here are some interesting facts for you:

During the time since Coronavirus began in January:

  • 42,000 people have died from alligator attacks
  • 57,000 people have died by breaking their necks jumping on a trampoline
  • 63,000 people have died operating welding equipment
  • 89,000 people have died in boating accidents
  • 122,000 people have died from snake bites
  • 3,000,000 people have died falling down stairs
  • 27,000,000 people have had heart attacks while jogging

People die all the time.

This virus is a HOAX.

They are tricking you into training yourself to obey the government and accept information uncritically out of fear.


I believe the people (worldwide) are more worried, that once we surpass this “invisible virus” ; that it could pop up again (perhaps next year). Which could be hopefully contain better.

For information purpose only. I found this earlier today. It is the Coronavirus tracker.


Hoax or not…here is what is happening:

  • forcing families to spend time together
  • forcing prisons to release nonviolent offenders
  • forcing the cancellations of pride parades and drag queen story times
  • forcing the closures of brothels and gay bars
  • forcing the closure of national borders
  • forcing our economy back to a commodity-backed currency
  • killing off of boomers and freeing up their horded land/resources/careers
  • killing off of those with weak immune systems and autoimmune diseases (LGBT)
  • revelation of which industries are “essential”
  • revelation of which laws are for safety and which laws are for revenue

The Chinese virus has done more for conservatives than any “conservative” politician has in over 5 decades.

I doubted your claimed numbers of deaths. You snakebite death rate is bullshit…which may lead one to believe all of them are…especially when you claim they all occurred since January.


Since only 24 folks have been killed by gators in Florida since 1973, I find 42000 since January worldwide a little hard to swallow.


The entire post is BS. Children must play.

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Numbers don’t mean shit.
Countries like Japan have low figures because people are not being tested. Thus no lockdown.

Y’know, some people really want to believe it, and we know the metaphor that ‘It’s easy to fool someone if they want to believe what they’re hearing.’?

So it’s not all bad news then? :rofl:

At last - a rational and well thought-out post. Original thought for a change, rather than hysterical hearsay.

A World Wide Tracker…

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