Courts refuse to hear voter fraud evidence WTF!

I’m not a lawyer but if you have evidence the law was broken aren’t we supposed to have justice?

There was less voter fraud in this election than with any other presidential election
in history…I wonder if you are really spending your time honestly looking for fraud…
I think not… tell me where you looked for republican fraud YOU DID NADA NOTHING
TO FINDREPUBLICAN FRAUD…and the fraud you found has been thrown out as
evidence by courts across the country in front of republican judges and Democrat alike…
Your silly ass idea to keep drumming over and over this bologna is falling on fewer and
fewer people and you sound like a bigger and bigger know nothing fool and everyone knows it

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I am not a lawyer like most people here bit my understanding is that before a full court case happens the person bringing the suit has to have standing and the court has to determine there is a case to even hear.

Judges appointee by Trump as well as those appointed by Obama or other presidents have all decined to hear cases. Are we really supposed to believe there is some all encompassing conspiracy where every judge has somehow being corrupted?

Even Trumps on DOJ said there was no evidence thst there was fraud on such a scale that it changed the outcome.

But even if all thse cases went to a full trial and were still found to be no fraud that would not be sufficient we would be told that the trial was a fraud.

Lawyers like Lin Wood and Sidney Powel have done America a disservice by introducing fringe legal ideas and legal pyschobubble which is normally the domain of self declared Soverign Citizens or Freemen of the Land.

Link to the findings of their investigations!? I’ll sip coffee and wait lol

There is fraud on video… it’s indisputable… I just don’t think courts know what to do, do they over turn the election, decertify votes. This amount of cheating is beyond something we never seen before, we could have thousands go to jail. What do we do in a day in age we no longer hang traitors… do we let it slide because it was mostly stupid poor blacks cheating?

More silly shit by a silly shit…

All those smilies must mean you have proof to prove me wrong huh I’ll wait
to see you post it…I know this will take a very very long time huh

No. It means I’m laughing at you.

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Really you’re making the wrong move…but it’s yours to do biffy we’ll see

Okay. :kissing_heart:

One important issue that should be addressed before a court case can take place is there needs to be evidence. Evidence developed by investigating allegations. The cost cases all involved hearsay.

The investigations did not take place.

What is apparent states control the process, and investigations. They apparently didn’t want to investigate fraud claims.

Lots of people running around saying there was no fraud, there was fraud and no one investigation the allegations.

Just ignore the fact that Dan Patrick was offering prize money to anyone that brought voter fraud allegations that led to a conviction.

This is the best twist to the story:

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Troll somewhere else

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Pretty obvious you are not a lawyer and don’t know what you are talking about! Try again!

62 COURTS have listened to your shit AND TRHEW everything you dumb fuks entered OUT …HAHAHA YOU dumb asses JUST DON’T LISTEN DO YA

Hey did I tell ya trumputin lost you EVERYTHING you aren’t shit any more but LOSERS… GOJOEGO!!!

Err yes I said that at the beginning of my post. I doubt the majority of posters on this site are lawyers with any legal experience.

I stand by my assertion that a fraud on this scale is impossible to pull off and if it is then Trump allowing himself to be surrounded by so many part of this conspiracy shows what an inept leader he was and not worthy of the office of the President.

Well I am a lawyer with experience so you assume wrong. So let’s go there shall we?

First: What are you basing your opinions on? Have you seen and reviewed any of the evidence or are you going by your own myopic speculation?

Leave out your emotional opinion in the equation it does very little in supporting your reasons as to why you don’t think there was fraud even though there is enough credible evidence to suggest there was.

Lastly almost every argument you made in the same paragraph is nothing more than moral relativism supporting the hegemony of your own biases without actually addressing the details themselves. Pretty typical layman leftist position to discredit anybody who disagrees with people like you.

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What ideas are those? If you are going to try to discredit brilliant legal minds of their profession then at least be specific with references to support your baseless accusations to make a case! You said you are not a lawyer yet you are qualified to make such outlandish claims? Please tell me or enlighten us how that works?

So 50 thousand 120 year olds actually voted in Detroit alone? Wow

Where is the truck of 300,000 ballots? Asking for a friend