Court Testimony Accuses Ilhan Omar: Secret Qatari Foreign Agent, Spying For Iran

It seems Omar’s troubles are getting worse the more people start to dig. Let’s see if this latest bit of news gets any traction but this is pretty bad for her if this turns out to be true


Ilhan Omar is guilty of political terrorism. She is using her position in Congress as a platform to promote her religiously motivated agenda. She will be accountable for this and other perversions of our laws…which every citizen is SUPPOSED to be held to. Prosecute and imprison this terrorist.


I really don’t know what to make of this latest news. What is the protocol of removing a congresswomen from office if the evidence produces an indictment?

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I believe it would take two-thirds of the house voting in agreement to expel her from office.

If true, she can’t be allowed to remain in office.

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She’s in hot water (or should be) for breaking campaign finance rules and immigration fraud. Wonder if anything will ever come of that.


Just imagine what’s going on behind the scenes. If she is in this much trouble and it’s publicly known there has got to be more that they aren’t disclosing.

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That was a good catch Stonewall1776! One of more antagonising quotes of the article that’s sure not to be forgotten.

This news is even worse if true and I would have to Guess that finance allegations is peanuts in comparison to this latest charge. This is treasonous and she would be subject to a whole lot of hurt if Intelligence has the goods through surveillance collection to confirm this.


Will they execute her for treason if she is found guilty? If they do will it be a public execution? Firing squad possibly?

Funny that you asked that! I just finished watching the Netflix mini series “The Spy” which was based on a true story. In the end the Spy met an end that was then put on for public display!

I am not sure the last time a traitor was put to death for treason in America. Maybe the Rosenberg’s? Or public hanging? Civil war?

Ilhan Omar finally responded to the accusations that she is a Qatari spy, and THIS is the best she’s got? Jesus Christ, can Barr execute this dirty hooker already?

Predictable that she would cite the “Jerusalem Post” as her means of defense. If you noticed in my OP I intentionally did not cite the “Jerusalem Post” for this very same reason! Holy crap, this woman should STFU and start lawyering up!

I did some more research on her and her connection to Qatar. Her dad was ran out of Somalia after the dictator he support got deposed. Basically, they were supporters of Maoist, Wahhabism with a dash of Mussolini. So she would be a good puppet for Qatar. They could easily bankroll her campaign and push positive news of her.

You allegedly found disparaging info on her dad and you extend that to her…:thinking:

No different than what you do anytime someone is loosely or remotely connected to Trump in a negative way.

Difference is this is her father and not some random connection that she wouldn’t be familiar with.

Can you demonstrate that she holds her fathers ideology?