Court allows Trump to use $3.6 billion in military funds to build border fence

A federal appeals court in Louisiana on Wednesday ruled the government can use $3.6 billion in military funds to construct border barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In a 2-1 ruling, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans, granted the administration’s request for the court to stay, or temporarily halt, a ruling made last month by a federal judge in El Paso that blocked officials from using the Pentagon funds to fulfill one of President Trump’s main campaign pledges.

Judge David Briones of the Federal District Court in El Paso in December ruled that the Trump administration’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border was unlawful. The emergency declaration, declared last February, is what Mr. Trump believes gives him the authority to divert military funds to border wall construction.

Nice of the 5th Circuit judges to allow the President some ability to limit illegal aliens from crossing into the U.S. whenever they want.

At this rate, the wall/fence/barrier/whatever will be complete long after the worst that South and Central America has to offer has emptied into the US.

It’s time that these low-level federal judges start being held accountable. They are supposed to be impartial and use the law to guide their decisions, not their personal politics.

If this doesn’t stop then Democrats can expect the countless judges that Trump has appointed to return the favor when they take office.

So you’re advocating Trump appointees use their personal political beliefs in rulings as retribution for democrats…:thinking:

That’s going to be what ends up happening. The left has had no problem doing that for the duration of Trump’s presidency. Why should any Trump appointed judges refrain from doing the same with the next Democratic administration?

The people elected Donald Trump as president of this country. as a part of that election we demanded that a wall be built on our southern border. it is a matter of national security and it is a military matter because we are currently being invaded. This is totally an appropriate use of money to secure our homeland.

Ok. Well then if you’re going to support judges ruling according to their personal political beliefs, then I guess you have given in to what you don’t like.

Correct. It is very much so a matter of national security.

It is not about “brown” vs. “white”.

It is: National Security.


Poor Monte, she’s gonna have to go buy some new talking points.

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What makes you think Monte is female?

And what does it matter?

I didn’t say it mattered.

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Then let us not assign gender to posters, okay?

Who cares female or male.

Let’s look at the issues with logic. :wink:

English without pronouns is really difficult. I’m not a gender neutral kind of guy and I’m not going to tip toe around trying to figure out new ways to address people. :grinning:

A wall - fence does slow down the tsunami of illegal crossings; but if they do not enter at a legal monitored port - point of entry, and choose to cross illegally, then being shot on sight would be the icing on the cake. Now tell me that wouldn’t work. Word would spread like wildfire. The answer has always been right in front of us.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or we could simply allow this to continue: 1. ## Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - memorial .asp

Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC “These Deaths could have been prevented if Congress and Executive branch would have secured our border and enforced U.S. immigration laws.” - Steve Salvi, Founder. VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS. MEMORIAL . In honor of the thousands of American citizens killed each year by …

  1. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial page 2 - memorial 2.asp---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the border is relatively secure, then the slow & steady Northern roundup could begin. SLOW & STEADY WINS THE RACE you know.

Elections have consequences , ever hear that before ? SMH :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: