Courageous Black Christian confronts child abusing Drag Queen

Take note all who continue to be silent about this! These events are hosted in public spaces and every single one of us has the RIGHT to protest these sick freaks in real time.


To save on bullets, their parents should be hanged.

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This demon transvestite is ■■■■■■■ I bet no one here would have ever guessed that. It’s all getting so predictable.

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Wow! That dudes trippin, thinks he’s Mohammad or Moses or something…:rofl:

No - he provided facts and put that tranny and all those soy slurping degenerates in their place.


He provided his opinion. Nothing he said is proven science. His belief in his mythology. It’s none of his business, he doesn’t have to bring his children to such events if they offend his sensibilities.

Nothing you ever say is proven either so I Guess that makes the score 0! Want to try again little SJW?

Wrong. The library is a tax-payer funded institution. That means he has every right to be there and he has every right to protest it.


Look at all of those liberal white supremacists calling the police on an unarmed black man.

Do you know whether they rented out the room they were using???

That’s irrelevant. It’s a public space.

If the actual room in the library that they were holding their event in was rented, then they have exclusivity.

If that were the case there would have been some kind of way to discern guests from non-guests and that doesn’t appear to be the case as anyone was free to enter and participate, since it was being held in a public library during library hours.


They could rent a room and welcome anyone that wants to participate, or deny anyone that sought to disrupt their event…IF, it was a rented room.

Shame on the parents who bring their kids to crap like this.


Even if rooms are reserved they must be open to the public.

Regardless - who gives a shit about whether they reserved a space at the library or not. It’s a public venue funded by the residents of the community.

It’s still public venue funded by tax payers.

It’s still a public space funded by tax dollars.

Grooming kids for future mental an physical molestation.


If you rent a room for a space of time, it’s yours. Not sure why so many are tripping on this. :man_shrugging:

Was there any child abuse from this
Was there any child abuse committed by the
Drag Queen, or is it PERSONAL PREJUDICE??Since the Library is a public place funded by tax dollars, any group including the BLMand KKK could have rented the room.

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