Coronavirus 'test and trace' system crashes on day one

DOH!! That’s a good start? :laughing: :rofl: Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh, or weep for my country. I just hope The Blessed Margaret and Winston aren’t witnessing this unmitigated fiasco by a bunch of clowns.

Stay Alert everybody, y’hear, or the Invisible Boogieman might get you? :laughing:

I wonder what president Putin is making of all this shite? I can hardly believe it myself - it’s so humiliating.

How South Korea dealt with the virus.
South Korea had to deal with North Korean agents (and/or communist sympathizers) for decades, therefor tracing is not really alien to their culture.

Initially, the infection was spread by a secretive Christian (so-called) sect whose member regularly visited Wuhan.

Yes, respect for privacy is a nice thing to have, but South Korea never had real peace since 1950.
It’s a matter of prioritizing.

Are you guys still going outside and clapping? I’ve got to admit that’s a bit weird and it seemed contrary to what your government was telling you to do.