Coronavirus seems to be spreading

Serious question - has anyone over there in the good ol’ U S of A started to wear a mask yet? I’m thinking about it . . .

You know, viruses are so puny they can penetrate and go through a window pane. So, what’s the use?

The idea of a mask is to prevent other people’s saliva and other nasties in the air entering into your lungs and respiratory organs.

In Japan during the wintertime, people simply wear white masks any way and it’s a strange sight for visitors riding a commuter train. People do that as a courtesy to other passengers, so to speak.

Yes, viruses do spread and there’s nothing you can do, except to keep your immune strong.

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Yes we know all that - except it’s a bit contentious to say anything can pass through glass - but um . . . have you started wearing a mask yet? :roll_eyes: :grin:

I found a used mask on the street, picked it up and started wearing it.
Actually it’s a story from China related by a foreign visitor.
(I’m not surprised)