Coronavirus Lockdown Feels Good

I’m in lockdown and the neighborhood is full of glum wealthy Boomers whose “work hard play hard!” Globalist hedonistic lifestyles have hit a concrete wall at 1000mph!

The self satisfied smugness has been wiped right the fuck off their aging, corrupt faces.

Am I concerned about my own situation? Sure. But these Boomers have WAY WAY more to lose than me.

I think this pandemic is a death blow against their diabolical project - Globalism - and opens up real possibility of a future free of 3rd Worlders, feminists and the Chosen People.

I’m feeling good, optimistic even, in a way I have never felt before. The pressure of the boot of Globalism on my neck is steadily easing! My enemies look confused and frightened. It’s like I have been waiting my entire life for this moment.

There are plenty of boomers who’ve fought against globalism.

Of course they do. They worked a lifetime to achieve what they have.

You’d like to have that instantly.

There are always vultures looking for easy road kill for their next meal.


Am definitely enjoying the peace and quite in town.

“Get back to work wagies, I dont care if you get sick and spread it around your friends and family.”

“I can’t go out to my favorite restaurant and boss the waiters around with minimal tips, plus my 401k isnt going to restore itself.”

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Boomers are a weird bunch. I think it has something to do with the post WW2 mindset, where they thought of themselves as superheroes or something. They never admit reality, and they never admit the damage they’ve done. They’ll gaslight you on their deathbeds, because they know no other world, and they’re totally invested in their paradigm.

The other issue is this; these Baby Boomers are taking down big pensions, sometimes multiple pensions at once, and they’re ALL keeping quiet about it. Most are on over 1k per week. The Baby Boomers will never resist this system. Never.

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Great OP!

Remember, history is replete with various phases of mass hysteria including the witch crazes of medieval Europe and 1600s New England in America. The fact that the Boomer generation are now in their 60s and early 70s and fearing death is a major driving force.

Not much can be done now except to see the silver lining : the closing of borders, the restrictions on immigration and LGBT society, the breaking up of academia, etc. and use it as an opening and a singular opportunity.

The media will milk this thing for as long as possible. No one was watching the MSM. No one gave a shit about Russian collusion, impeachment and the overall “Evil Orange One” Now they’ve got actual viewers who are glued to the set to get the latest and greatest fear mongering. They’ve got an audience stuck at home with not much else to do.

Who is that masked man? Heh. Thank God my friend is the local beer distributor. I call, I go, I drop the money in the mail slot; and the beer magically appears.

Fight against this as much as many of your hated “boomers” have done.

I wish you the best. However, I think it will be an eye opening experience for you.

Boomers are the reason why we have open borders and a supply chain completely dependent upon foreign countries. Wake up!

How long can the economic patient survive without economic oxygen?
How is this temporary medical crisis going to be used to curtail your freedoms permanently?
Is the crisis temporary?
Does the saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help,” frighten you?

If the boomers lose all of it, you’ll have nothing.

Just saying, wishing bad on others tends to boomerang.

Am I concerned about my situation? Not in the least. The morons in government today are setting it up for a big fall and you’ll fall too. 23 trillion and another 4 trillion addd this year plus more freebies yet to come. You shaped be very worried about the fiscal shape of this country.

All - take this lockdown in stride because it’s nothing. A real apocalypse is something everyone will viscerally experience, by the foul stench of the piles of burning corpses lining the streets while fending off maniacal plague mutants. This apocalypse is being “experienced” entirely through the lens of ■■■■■■ media, the least trustworthy group of information providers of all time.

Actually, liberals are the reason.

The sooner YOU wake up to the fact that they infiltrate EVERY generation and are the reason for much is what has gone wrong in this country, the better you will be able to identify and fight the real enemy.


Me too, and as I’ve said before - being a misanthropic loner, I hope it lasts for ever. :grin:

Be careful what you wish for.

I assume that was sarcasm C - or do you also think all outside activity should be banned as well?

It wasn’t sarcasm mate, more satirical, But the bit about my being a misanthropic loner is true. I’ve just asked my constituency MP if we’re going to shut down the country thereby fucking up the national economy every time there’s an outbreak of ‘flu, and why St Thomas’ Hospital is surrounded by plod, but I doubt he’ll reply as usual. :roll_eyes: