Coronavirus in a Time of Chimeras

The novel coronavirus was not germinated in a vacuum. The type of research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had ominous analogues worldwide. These included the quest for super intelligence and the development of interspecies hybrids or chimeras.

What began as a scientific mission to remedy congenital defects has rapidly morphed into a global race to create designer babies, super soldiers and transhumans through the aid of biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. 21st century eugenics is tacitly justified by the need to boost “national competitiveness”.

“Smart samples” (DNA) are being collected from supposedly high-IQ individuals in an attempt to gradually build a smart society. Interspecies hybrids or chimeras are seen as a way to recombine genes in order to create superhumans.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 contagion, the availability of “smart samples” would have increased exponentially and may dovetail nicely with the vaccination agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates. Incidentally, Gates grew up in a household that was heavily invested in population control and eugenics.

Anyone surprised? The article establishes a solid link between COVID-19 and the global eugenics movement.

Bill Gates obsession with eugenics is something the mainstream media continues to cover up. He hides it cleverly under the guise of healthcare philanthropy and vaccination programs. He is evil personified.

Absolutely correct.
A subspecies superior to “useless eaters” has the right to cull.

That’s their philosophy, although the blind call it “conspiracy theory”

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I agree. Let’s see how the culling ramps up. After a pandemic, we have a full-scale law and order situation Minnesota which will usher in more draconian laws. Next, we might have a massive cyber-attack that will allow Big Tech and the government to read our communications in real-time - without due legal processes that were at least nominally sacrosanct anyway.

I looked at similar trends mentioned by the author. Here is CNN celebrating the advent of designer babies in less than two years.

“Genetically-modified babies are “highly desirable” to help protect people from disease and could be created ethically within two years, according to a new scientific paper.”

Yeah, now we know one reason behind COVID-19 and the vaccination agenda.

They have an agenda.
Alter the slaves for better use.

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This is happening faster than I assumed. At this rate, global depopulation will accelerate over the next few months and years. Scary.

Covid 19 did not achieve their goal of depopulation.
Nonetheless, depopulation is high on their agenda.

I think the virus was released prematurely by accident. They were probably working on something more virulent when the mishap occurred. As the author pointed out, the US govt had been funding the whole damn research from 2014 onwards, right through the Obama regime and the Trump administration. I don’t think Trump was aware of this. Likely the handiwork of Fauci.

What perplexes me is why Trump hasn’t fired Fauci yet. Any ideas?

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Probably because nobody believes that conspiracy…

When it comes to conspiracies nothing beats the Russiagate hoax.

Trump hasn’t fully dealt with the Deep State. The American political landscape is full of their agents and representatives. Trump has to walk the tightrope, so to speak, because the Fed, the bastion of the Deep State, is still exerting strong political power. Money talks…
That’s my take.

Why then did Manafort share Trump polling data with Russia?

I’m with you.
The timing was completely off. If it had happened later, like September of this year, it would mean bye-bye to Trump Presidency (because Demos are going to go ape blaming Trump, which they do it now. LOL)

It was first published by Indian researchers (and later recanted) that Covid 19 has an AIDS gene sequence incorporated. Luk Montagnier of France supports this finding.

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I agree. But Trump needs to sack Fauci now. With riots underway (also instigated by the deep state), he needs to get this monkey off his back.

Here is what Fauci is up to elsewhere. Curiously, this Indian institution is a twin establishment that graduated Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Of course, Bill Gates is involved here as well.

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