Coronavirus and Islam

Well it appears that Mohammed has all the correct answers when it comes to science. In the Koran Mohammed states that Human semen is manufactured in the spinal area of the back( It can be inferred that he knew nothing about his golf balls)., the sun sets in a black pool of water and now if you die of a plague you will be declared a martyr and you will have a front seat to watch rounded breasted virgin girls dance in your presence while ejaculating in perpetuity. ( I am not sure what women martyrs do if they reach paradise). Does all of this sound silly to you?
PS: Mohammed also stated if you become sick,just drink camel milk and urine and you will recover in a flash!

I was reading earlier that the vast majority of cases in England are Muslims because they won’t stop congregating together, praying together, and eating with their hands before washing them. God bless this bug.

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What it sounds like is a bunch of morons running a government so incompetently that they are avoiding being blamed for all of the deaths that could have been prevented.

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It’s the usual winter influenza but bigged up out of sight with scary numbers to make us do what we’re told in the belief that our masters are smarter than we are. We’re being manipulated using a global Project Fear. How come China is now free of it, and Russia and the Asian subcontinent countries have never got it in the first place?

Well the is hope then . :sneezing_face: :sunglasses: :face_with_head_bandage: :mask: :exploding_head:

Muslims do have strict protocol with which hand to use. You eat with your right fingers and all of your nasty business is with your left hand, with no toilet paper. I have read many time that during the first gulf war, Americans would waive and signal their Muslim Counterpart with their left forearm This was considered a great insult!

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deleted please ignore

‘Muslims do have strict protocol with which hand to use.’

Wow, that’s really interest . . . :sleeping:

‘Mohammed also stated if you become sick,just drink camel milk and urine and you will recover in a flash!’

That’s the second thing I’ve learnt so far this morning. You really are a fountain of knowledge jbob. :grin:

If you have serious interest about the Koran and the Hadith, and its relationship with science, please watch the above tutorial.It is a bit long, but well worth watching(Better than reading those boring books!).