Coronavirus and College Football. Stadium's are the answer not the problem

Stadium’s will be the perfect place to identify remainng virus carriers. As you pass through the metal detector your thermal image will be taken. Those with fevers will be separated and given the five minute test. During one afternoon at State U 100K people can be screened and identified, immediately, quarantined if required. Multiply this by every college home game the first week in September and your nationwide testing will advance rapidly.

The problem here is those who are carrying the virus, are contagious, and are asymptomatic. Those testing devices only test one person per 5-10 minutes.

If 100k people all had to stand in a line at 6 feet apart waiting to be tested then that line would stretch over 113 miles - with each person waiting 5-10 minutes to move forward.

Stadiums already have multiple entry points and staff in place.
As students arrive on campus to matriculate stadiums will provide perfect control points. There are four months available to have policies and equipment put into place.