Coronavirus .....a coindedence?

Because I don’t want to post stuff in the unnecessary threads you created where you are free to behave as thought police.

Of course that’s the whole idea, be center of attention.

So, let me get this straight.

Are you implying that, when Trump imposed tariffs back in the Summer of 2019, and then 5 months later, China in retaliation decided to get back at the Good Ole USA with a coronavirus?

If I am correct, wasn’t Italy or some other European country the first to start getting the virus in December 2019? So, how was it that "getting back at the United States?

Uh no it’s you seeking attention and your butthurt that no one here wants to give you an audience to your insane thoughts not too mention your disability to read and write! You sir are a certifiable retard!

I think the virus reached the shores of America long before officially acknowledged.

The accusation that CCP kept it secret is ludicrous.
Insiders in governments throughout the world knew.

I don’t expect sheeple to pay attention from the get-go.
But your case is either pathological or overcompensation for some childhood issue. (Whatever it may be, I don’t give a shit.)

Just go back to YOUR threads and don’t butt in serious discussions.

Hey look everyone Digipoopoo is crying!


I don’t agree with David Icke on all points, like the host, but this interview is well worth listening to.

This video has been banned by Youtube, which says a lot (about the truth of the virus)

David Icke is basically saying

the virus does not exist
the dead died of other causes
the test is a fraud and its inventor even warned that it should not be used for infections

Who funds the WHO? Bill Gates

the lockdown is an instant house arrest for millions of people throughout the world toward the New World Order, and the step is termed (by Icke) totalitarian tiptoe. Small steps (toward a certain goal) which are small enough for average folks not to bellyache about.

the “infection” and 5G; the towers are going up in Britain during lockdown

Contrary to David Icke, Alex Jones stresses the virus is real.

Yes, CCP intentionally infected the US by sending contaminated masks, etc., and its agents touching everything like the computers in stores — videos of which you must have seen.

China claims the virus is an attack on them by the US military.

I think the CCP is correct in claiming that.

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