Cop Executed – Shot 10 Times In Head – Raw Video Released

Arkansas police release video from the night of Officer Stephen Carr’s murder where he was ‘executed’ as he sat in his patrol car outside HQ. He was shot him 10 times in the head by a perp who was ‘looking for an officer to kill.’

FAYETTEVILLE (AP) — A police officer who was killed in his patrol car in northwest Arkansas was shot 10 times in the head and his killer was interested in anti-law enforcement groups, sheriffs officials said Friday in releasing video from the scene and autopsy details.

Officer Stephen Carr was fatally shot outside police headquarters in Fayetteville. Authorities said 35-year-old London Philips approached Carr’s vehicle and shot him at point-blank range. Two other officers later shot and killed Phillips.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement posted on Facebook that searches of Phillips’ social medial accounts indicate he was interested in anti-law enforcement groups. The post didn’t identify the groups nor his level of interaction with them. Police have said he was “looking for an officer to kill” when he shot Carr.

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Ever see that movie the Purge? Set aside the leftist undertones and you have one hell of a concept. This country would be a whole lot more peaceful if for just one night we gave the police the night off and patriotic Americans went and cleaned up the streets.

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So you’d like to see the law put aside? How about the thousands of times that it’s the cops shooting people in the head, hmmm. Seems this is the only time that access to guns bothers y’all.

That actually may happen if the rule of law continues to be subverted as it is in current discourse! Human nature ya know is unpredictable!

Police lives don’t matter , but lawbreakers lives do. At least the police saved taxpayers the cost of a trial for this animal. To bad it cost a policemens life, but who in the Liberal media cares about him or his family.
Expect someone to file suit against the PD for using excessive force.

That would be the current perception.

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This story is pretty bizarre and can’t fathom why media decided to ignore it altogether. Very weird!