Coolest Dude Ever to be Robbed!

While a bar is being robbed under gun point, check out how fearless this guy is as the robbers take stuff. The robber even tried to take his phone and he pretty much said fk off! The guy has to be from Chicago! Lol!

OK, now the script: Just for fun of course!

Hes just sitting their talking about what a B -tch his wife is, and how much he hates his boss,

Dude-“You know Ive been at this company for 20 years’
Robber-give me your phone
Dude- back of before a shove that little pee shooter up your rear
Robber- Alright, well just dont call the cops
Dude- My boss is such an a hole, you know what he gave Don a promotion, can you believe that?
Dude- I mean don’t get me wrong Don is a nice guy and all, but hes got ShT for brains
Robber- wheres your wallet?
Dude- I just don’t get it, whats a guy gotta do to get ahead in life?
Robber- Anyone who moves gets shot
Dude- Now I go the old ball and chain nagging night and day.
Dude- I tell you some times I just feel like giving up, you know what i’m saying?

I see him as saying,

“Touch me and you’ll have the mob on your ass.”

“My boys will hunt you down and make you wish you’d never been born.”

“You have no idea who you are pointing that gun at do, you wiseguy?”

I wonder why those criminals had guns and brought them into a place of business! Where are the Democrats because this NEVER happens!

This is what happens when people have finally had enough.