Conservatives are Not Ready for the ‘Hot War’ Against the Supreme Court

What other distractions are we, the American public ready for. Every day there is something new, and in this case the Supreme court and the left’s war against it seems to be taking new meaning and rounding into a newer fight.

Its the supreme court that the left is now going after, while many reading might say so what? This is nothing new" That is just it and the point of an apathetic public where such lethargic and desensitized responses are typical of the modern day. Its why the left sees a chance at trying to change the court and go after the conservative justices in every way they can.

Mark Judge makes some very good points and this topic. Suggested reading!

It’s long been noted that conservatives don’t fight with the savagery of the socialist left. We may know guns, we may be pro-military, but when it comes to really getting down in the gutter, the left gets the upper hand — probably because they are willing to go so low. In this way conservatives can even be called naive. We are kids up against the German Stasi.

This applies to the new war being waged against the Supreme Court. As William Jacobson noted in a recent post on the website Legal Insurrection, there is “a years-long and accelerating attempt by Democrats to delegitimize the Supreme Court. You could trace the history back to the ‘Borking’ of Reagan nominee Robert Bork, but certainly to the savaging of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.” There is, Jacobson writes, “a broad activist and Democrat campaign against all the conservative Justices, including Justice Thomas and his wife, Chief Justice Roberts and his wife, and Justices Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett (to a lesser degree).”

Fueled by dark money, the left is sending professors to judges houses, planning bogus stories in the press, and revisiting Brett Kavanaugh’s 2018 nomination. They just had a hearing on ethics and the court, which was nothing but an attempt to delegitimize the institution.

And a more in depth analysis on what is taking place is much more illuminating and in depth on uncovering the color revolution against the supreme court that is in its early stages.


The Supreme court is the last fire wall of living in a free country and its why the left is going after it. Once its gone there will be no country left!

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