Connecticut Gun Laws Don't Work: 5 Shot, 1 Dead, Inside Hartford Nightclub

Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States yet they only seem to target law abiding gun owners. These laws have absolutely no effect on criminals who will illegally purchase weapons and use them on their victims regardless of what a bunch of legislators wrote down on a piece of paper.

The cops were literally standing outside the front door of this nightclub when the shooting happened and they still couldn’t catch the shooters, further demonstrating that you are completely and totally responsible for providing for your own safety.

Five people were shot, one fatally, inside a Hartford nightclub early Sunday morning.

The shots rang out around 1:30 a.m. inside the Majestic Lounge on Franklin Avenue.

Two police officers who were outside the nightclub, rushed inside after hearing the shots, police said.

The victims included three men and two women. One of the men who was shot died, according to police.

Investigators have not identified any of the victims.

Police said the shooter or shooters slipped away during the rush of people running from the nightclub after the shots were fired.

The nightclub has been the scene of past violence, police said.

I’ve been to Hartford many times and can tell you what the root cause of the problem is. It’s the same root cause that affects Chicago and Detroit. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to address. Black on black crime.


Not exactly surprising.

Someone who is even marginally competent with a semi auto handgun can fire 12-17 shots inside of four seconds.

Once the shooting is done panic erupts so you hide the gun in your pants and rush out with the crowd.

But in Connecticut you are only allowed to have 10 rounds, surely these laws are effective.

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I live next door to Connecticut. I’m literally 5 minutes over the border just off of 84 in the Hudson Valley. When Connecticut passed all of their insane gun laws after Sandy Hook I remember sitting at the local dive bar joking around with my neighbors that these stupid laws weren’t going to fix places like Hartford, Danbury, and New Haven. I should have put money on it because the only people who are impacted by these stupid laws were people who owned large suburban homes and wanted to be fully compliant with the state, despite their protests. Criminals on the other hand don’t care and have never cared about the laws which is why they are criminals and all gun laws are absolutely stupid.

It’s really unfortunate what’s happened to Connecticut because when I was a kid my dad used to drive us all out to Colt and we would get tours of the old building and get hands-on with a lot of really beautiful pieces that Colt would showcase as part of the tour.

This is what happens when the left controls the state. Crime goes up and the ability to defend yourself and your family becomes non-existent.


The gun laws here in CT are a joke. Yes, they are incredibly harsh but the most recent figures I have read is that the non-compliance rate is somewhere near 90 percent. In many places of Connecticut, particularly the more rural places, gun ownership is an open secret. Nobody really talks about it but it’s generally accepted that nearly everyone owns rifles and pistols with standard capacity magazines and either knows about the laws and doesn’t care or never paid any attention to them when they got passed. Outside of the cities, we are still a very independent bunch. Typical of traditional New England communities. Connecticut gun laws only made it more annoying for Connecticut residents to freely and openly buy and shoot weapons in state. Thankfully, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania aren’t very far depending on where you are in the state.

Personally, I went through the zoning process and got my FFL 07. Many of the guys on my road did the same thing. Even our former Democrat first selectman has his FFL. Many of us have also stocked up on pre-ban weapons which can get expensive but it also means the state can’t do a damn thing about it - being a 10th generation Nutmeger I only have pre-ban Colt inventory which are beautifully crafted works of art that are fun to bring to the range (with my pre-ban letter/certificate on hand).

Speaking of which, how do you solve that problem? We always hear about it but we never hear how to fix it, why is that?

Anytime we try to talk about that someone with the initials T W R goes apeshit and derails the discussion.

Well to be fair, if the conversation devolves into anti ■■■■■■ or racist commentary than to actually address the problem or answer that question then that invites such reactions. The question still remains: how does this problem get solved? Surely it’s proven that taking away guns from responsible gun owners doesn’t work, and the black on black homicide rate continues unfettered, so what is the solution?

That doesn’t mean it isn’t distracting and that it isn’t reactionary cry baby bullshit. This is a free speech forum and I took a break for a little while because people like that jackass get triggered worse than leftists.

How does anyone expect to have a rational discussion about the inner city black problem without getting neck deep into race realism.

Want a solution? Start locking up thugs for the slightest infraction and throw heavy prison sentences at them with hard labor. Getting caught for stupid small shit should mean your entire life just got destroyed for acting like a god damn animal.

Let them piss and moan…and keep locking them up. We coddle these glassjaw crackheads when we should be smashing on them with the full weight of the justice system.

The fact that you are making an issue about him is distracting from the discussion is it not?

To answer your other question all you have to do is look at the facts and other social issues that are prevalent to a particular group of people that may be contributing factors without resorting to cynical hyperbolic statements. Statements like: “they should all go back to Africa “ or their species is prone to violence” etc., etc., does not further conversations to finding solutions that has been plaguing cities like Chicago or in this case Hartford.

I made a point and then I moved on. No need to White Knight for that prick.

Regarding the rest of your post, then what do you suggest because none of my statements even came close to what you were describing. And don’t give me this crap that blacks aren’t more violent or crime-prone than whites because they are…based on the proportional size of each group’s respective population.

Obviously we can’t kill them all or send them back to Africa…(no one said that) so the only thing we can do is to give them the maximum sentence possible and make prison a truly grueling punishment. Convicts shouldn’t have a better cable package and lower cost health care plan than my family does.


No one is “white knighting” for anyone! Just pointing out the double standard. If you have a problem then PM him and get it resolved instead of perpetuating dissent with him.

I don’t know where you get that from me, so don’t try to put words into my mouth! I was asking the question for a solution not suggesting that I had one but now that you ask, my solution is probably not realistic for the US prison system such as corporal punishment similar to what they have in Singapore! Why? Because it actually works!

No one said that in this thread, but it has been inferred here before.

I could agree with you on this. You are right about cable privileges as well as others and they shouldn’t be allowed such luxuries while in prison, but that hardly solves the problem, it’s a start but is not going to act as a deterrent to lowering crime in the aggregate.

You can over generalise to paint it as such but you are still ignoring the broader issue that is causing this problem, such as socio-economic? No?

These types of issues need to be addressed in a variety of different ways. Education is one and creating a society where significant numbers of the population do not feel disconnected or excluded. This is no easy task with no easy solutions but we have to start somewhere.

At the same time crime has to have consequences. Serious crimes need serious sentences but locking people up for minor or petty crime just keeps the cycle going.

Incarceration should not be easy but it should not be a nightmare either. At some point the majority of inmates rejoin society. If they continue to remain disenfranchised the cycle continues. The opportunity to get an education or learn a trade while incarcerated has to exist.

When someone is released from prison or jail they have paid their debt to society. They should not have to suffer for the rest of their lives. one of the reasons why Recidivism is high is because many ex convicts see no alternatives when they reenter society.

I have often thought that an interesting experiment for a prison would be for all the inmates to be responsible for growing their own food, making their own clothes etc. They would be given training, equipment etc. if they had a surplus this could be sold to the public for a profit with those profits reinvested into farming etc. Think of the variety of skills this would give individuals, the chance to be part of something that they see real tangible results from.

Recidivism is high because too many people have decided to blame society for the actions of the criminal and not apply the concept of personal responsibility. It’s not society’s fault that someone does bad things. It’s their own fault…and society should not tolerate it.

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But you have the seeds of the problem right in your sentence- in the Bay area, the DA - a headcase descended from hardcore commies- won’t prosecute crimes/theft under $975. Shoplifting is rampant, as are quality of life crimes.

Rehabilitation is critical, but if a prisoner has no interest in it… Education is the key, yet addressing cultures that celebrate failure, criminality and victimhood would do even more.

Since this is in the same paragraph are you saying that black people should have harsher punishments than any other race simply because they are black?

I kind of don’t think that is what you are saying, perhaps that all low level crimes should get the maximum sentence possible and make prison so miserable that it actually is a deterrent.

However, you are never going to get harsh prison time as long as you have advocacy groups and liberals who enact no bail policies. I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

I can understand your point and it is possible something like that may work with some.

However, if you’ve been raised in your formative years to be a criminal then I don’t think any amount of re-programming is going to help.

I think the big elephant in the room is lack of parenting, morals and values. Raising a child to become someone of value to society starts from day one and many don’t have that so they turn to gangs or crime.

I’d love to see more mom’s stay at home to raise their children and neighborhoods where kids can go outside to play because the majority of the neighborhood has someone at home keeping an eye on the kids. Fantasy these days, I know but you can’t argue with the results when being a stay at home mom used to be the norm (and there was a father in the home).

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I suggest more of these: image

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Another idea; ask everyone who has an illegal firearm, to turn them in.

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