Connecticut Accused of Treating Gun Owning Residents Harsher than Non Gun Owning Residents

The state of Connecticut has definitively proven that they treat gun owners and gun protestors differently under the same letter of the law.

Connecticut recently had a state-level hearing to discuss new gun laws and regulations. As you might imagine, residents from both sides of the aisle showed up to support their views. There was a good mix of card-carrying NRA members and purple-haired progressives. Among that crowd was one progressive in particular who lost her cool (big surprise, right?). She sent out a mass text saying, “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA.”

For clarity, Senator Rob Sampson was one of the key political figures in the discussion. He’s a stout defender of the Second Amendment, so naturally his very existence triggered the progressives. Since this text spread like wildfire, it was ultimately brought to the attention of the authorities. They dismissed it without taking any legal action.

What’s going to set your brain on fire is learning about this other story in Connecticut. Resident Ted Taupier was going through a nasty divorce. The judge presiding over the divorce, Elizabeth Bozzuto, gave an order that he could have no contact with his children for at least three months. As you might imagine, Taupier was angry with this decision. He also sent a potentially threatening text, but he only sent it to one person. It was ultimately shared without his consent. It read, “Bozzuto lives in Watertown with her boys and Na! … There [are] 245 [yards] between her master bedroom and a cemetery that provides cover and concealment. They could try and put me in jail but that would start the ringing of a bell that can be undone.”

The parallels between this text and the previous are pretty obvious. Despite the similarity, Taupier was arrested at the hands of multiple SWAT teams. By his estimate, at least 30 law enforcers came to his house to arrest him. All of his firearms were seized and his bail was set at $1 million. He was never charged with a crime.

Stop for a minute and review this. Connecticut used a red-flag law to arrest a man, seize his property and effectively fine him $1 million without ever charging a crime. According to Connecticut law, he did nothing wrong, but this was still the outcome.

Funny I was just thinking about the movie “Minority Report” today, and then I read this OP, and it seems to strike an eerily similar resemblance without the futuristic gadgets!

The bias is pervasive beyond CT. I think anti firearm philosophy stems from a self righteous flaw where the mind tricks itself by dissociating from weapons to feel safer from weapons. The one common denominator is the righteous fervor all of these anti Second activists wrap themselves in. They have lost sight of the basic premise of like force being equal.

In this instance the divorce case was specific and threatening…Not to the point of the reaction it got, but it certainly had the desired effect of un-nerving the other party in the divorce. The first example dealt with a public figure and was an obvious vague vomit of garbage wording. Still should have resulted in a charge.

Gun owners are in an epic PR battle. We must be as calm, intelligent, and righteous as the gun grabbers.


“as the gun grabbers”?

Do you really want us acting a bad as that collection of power mad Statists and vile Left wingers?

Absolutely not. They are portraying gun owners as de factor aggressors.

The truth is the complete opposite. The winning argument is like force begets peace as nuclear balance exists so to must firearm balance exist in the land of the Amendment that assures this right.

Globally we in the minority and thankfully protected by the Constitution or the gun grabbing mob would have their way.

I personally know no one who isn’t armed. I grew up handling firearms. The grandma Vilula carried an H & A .32 top break. I can remember it like it was yesterday ( maybe I was 5 or 6 ); Jimmy, stop rootin in my bingo purse & don’t touch my revolver. In my family, once you were schooled on gun handing, if you were stupid enough to shoot yourself, it was considered a blessing, since it helped keep the family genetic pool strong. No one ever shot themselves.

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