Congressman head-butts camera (awesome)

From the Washington Examiner:

GOP lawmaker head-butts camera while refusing to answer question

“Alaska Congressman Don Young head-butted a camera while refusing to answer bogus questions about election interference. Members of the freak liberal group MoveOn approached Young, an 86-year-old Republican, and a staffer while the two were walking through a congressional hallway. The staffer repeatedly told the activists to reach out to Young’s press secretary for answers about whether or not the congressman thinks it’s appropriate for a president to “ask foreign governments to interfere in our elections.”

Young and the staffer waited for an elevator with the person continuing to ask the same question, and that’s when Young threw his arms up in the air and walked to the person holding the camera and walked right into it.

“There you go,” Young stated.“


LOL - Old dude was like get fugged cameraman. Here’s my close-up. Go and air that weird shit.

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Would have been better if he delivered a beat down to the reporter. He probably could have taken him one handed. Sounded light in the loafers.

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The party of crybabies and violence.

Sad thing is, those pests probably thought they proved something.

Daily reminder ALL Democrat candidates promised healthcare for illegals.

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