Congress is becoming the new Jerry Springer Show!

This is getting to be quality entertainment, if not pathetically childish. However the context for this circus drama is the fact the house decided to impeach Attorney General Merritt Garland on the grounds of criminal contempt for refusing to comply to a subpoena issue by House Oversight committee in relation to Biden’s communications material when interviewed by AG Robert Hur for the district of Maryland.

What is is pretty obvious on what is going on in this dastardly spectacle is this may just be the beginning of the chaos to follow within a election year and mind you we are only in May and this circus has a long way to go before November arrives.

First is MTG fisting AOC.

Then Crockett the hood rat is bringing the ghetto to the people’s house and its pretty embarrassing for the Democrats.


The current US House of Representatives is a national embarrassment…
Comer’s lost control.

This behavior should NEVER be tolerated…
Even oppressed minorities are required to follow basic rules of decorum.


AG Marxist Hack Merritt Garland gives a press conference in response to him facing impeachment.

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He should be facing execution scumbag MF !!!


I wonder what is happening with rep Paulina Luna’s proposed House resolution to have the sergeant of Arms to have Garland arrested? I think they should go through with it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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For the committee, if the resolution passes the full House, a criminal referral is made to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., which then must weigh whether to move forward with prosecution.

It is likely that the committee’s contempt resolution would not result in any criminal proceedings for Garland, who heads the Justice Department. A DOJ spokesman disputed the legitimacy of the committee’s efforts and warned that releasing audio would have a chilling effect on witnesses coming forward to law enforcement.

Despite the Department of Justice’s clear statement that it will not prosecute Garland, citing the president’s invocation of executive privilege, Luna said she remains undeterred. The lawmaker plans to push for a vote on her resolution, which would empower Congress to use the House Sergeant at Arms to apprehend Garland and seize the requested tapes.

I am not talking about a court proceeding in the criminal courts, I am actually talking about the Sergeant of arms who is authorized to arrest Garland when refusing to appear and comply with a subpoena from congress.

Congress does have the authority to arrest Garland as its outlined in the statues codified within the law. The problem with issuing and executing such a warrant especially the AG of the DOJ is that:

  1. Congress doesn’t have the will or the balls to do it!
  2. It certainly would stir up a hornets nest right before an election, thus might hurt Trump’s election chances should this strategy back fire by being a major distraction.
  3. They would need the votes to pull this off by passing such resolution and right now the margin is too thin in the house to have enough votes.

The point is, congress definitely has the authority to arrest Garland under the law and rules of congress!


“Merrick Garland said, 'No, I’m not going to comply [with the subpoena]. I’m going to break the law,'

It’s what dems do on a daily basis BREAK THE LAW !!!
This is the asshole dems ( Obama) wanted for the SC !!! WTF

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He knows he can get away with it because its an election year. Any other year he’d be is some deep shit! He is just playing to run out the clock in hopes he will leave office and never be seen or heard from again! Business as usual in the Beltway!

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An attorney general is a legal officer who represents the government and enforces the law Fine fucking example !!!
Typical demoRAT !!!

  1. House sources are expecting Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) to force a vote to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in “inherent contempt” of Congress sometime in the middle of next week. Fox is told the vote likely comes Wednesday or Thursday. What is “inherent contempt?” It’s similar to “contempt” of Congress – in which the House voted to hold Garland earlier this month for failing to respond to a subpoena to provide audiotapes of the interview Special Counsel Robert Hur conducted with President Biden about the classified documents case. But “inherent contempt” is a dramatic and historic escalation. The House has not held anyone in inherent contempt since the 1930s. Prior to that, you must go back to the early 1800s and 1790s. Yes. That’s correct. With “inherent contempt,” the House approves the resolution – and doesn’t rely on the Justice Department to prosecute the contempt of Congress case. In this case, the House deploys its “inherent” powers and dispatches House Sergeant at Arms Bill McFarland and his team to “arrest” Garland. Ostensibly, Garland could be held BY CONGRESS (read that again) until he provides the audiotapes. Such a scenario creates an extraordinary conflict between the legislative branch of government and the executive branch. Keep in mind that Garland is protected by armed FBI agents. Does this create some sort of a standoff? Unclear. And no one seems to know on Capitol Hill.
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