Confronting the US Killing Machine

For years now the United States Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about has been behind some of the most destructive, barbaric actions militarily speaking on humanity ever in modern times. If you are a believer in "cause and effect, then you also know that such causes and effects will eventually have a boomerang effect that will adversely hit the nation on a whole. Whether it be another terrorist attack domestic or foreign or a country declaring war on America, (some Islamic nations already are at war with America) some form of retribution seems inevitable.

When looking at the middle East for example and using Israel as a proxy for instigating conflicts and regime change, then the US always seems to be in the center of it, by always leaving the perception that its thirst for Oil is the reason why. But there is much more to this story than just mere oil and the US dollars. Its about Hegemonic power over all other nations, such as Iran as a primary example. (See “Operation Ajax” as a good example)

When Muammar Qaddafi tried to warn the united nations about the US and its aggressive policies of trading OIL in dollars, while advocating for Africa to use its own resources bypassing the US petrol dollar altogether. that is when the US and its killing machine went ahead in illegal terms took out Qaddafi and Libya altogether.

In this article however its pointing out the many domestic terrorist actions such as Timothy McVeigh’s actions, that if America is going to confront its violence currently happening across the country that its going to have to look at the cause and effect part of the issue in order to have a proper and honest perspective in order to arrive at an equally honest solution.

it only seems reasonable to start confronting our country’s lies from the past in order to start prosecuting it in the present tense in order to address our nations future when it comes to security both domestic and abroad.


Some things changed in the US leadership before the US started deliberately targeting civilians: Dresden and Tokyo in 1945 (over 100,000 dead civilians each in one night).

Bombing of (North Korea) which killed millions of civilians, and Serbia, Iraq…

Never mind. She didn’t remember or didn’t know that she was Jooish.

Her name has been brought up a lot lately. I do remember some narrative of her such as: either her family members being related to Holocaust survivors or being lauded for having some sort of jooish roots as if that lent to her having a career in politics and shaping US foreign policy because she was a jooish woman. She was a sh*t show for most of her tenure and a sociopath killer hiding behind the state department seal.

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She didn’t give a sh-t about Muslim Iraqis. Or about Christian Serbs.

No. She doesn’t give a sh-t about Americans, either.
She cares about her tribe.

Isn’t she dead?

I thought Henry Kissinger was dead, but apparently that was a false alarm.

Of course, my sentences should have been in the past tense, grammatically speaking.

But there are still plenty of her ilk in Washington DC, like Victoria Nudelman and Tony Blinken.

As for Kissinger and George Soros, I really don’t know if they are dead or alive. Their legacy lives on.
The latest Soros photo didn’t quite look like him.

Clayton Morris of “Redacted” and I Alex Christainforu recent referred to Kissinger in present tense and quoted recent comments he made about the situation in Ukraine. And Soros is def in his early 90’s. The Devil doesn’t take his servants at an early age, they live long lives. “Only the Good die Young”

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Body doubles for politicians and other influential persons have been used for hundreds of years. It probably was much easier to use them when there were no TV, photos and pesky journalists.

It was the theme of the Japanese movie “Kagemusha.”

I once shook the hand of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at a Tibetan monastery in New Jersey. (No big deal. Other visitors were doing that as well)

I then asked him how he liked his recent visit to Japan and His Holiness didn’t know what I was talking about. Could it be either one of them (the one that went to Japan, or the one in New Jersey) was a body double?

Don’t forget that the CIA perfected the wearing of masks and disguises that make body doubles more convincing in today’s terms. Technology has come a long way since the 80’s.


There is something to be said of wanting to live in a better place than sharing the same planet with people like these…

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Ezra Pound warned civilized nations not to have them in the government, banking and education.

The US has been doing exactly the opposite of what Ezra Pound said. No wonder. What kind of state is the US in today?

Why does Ezra Pound’s name sound familiar? I can’t place the name.

He was a renowned American poet and his students (or poets whom he tutored) got the Nobel Prize. The only reason they didn’t want to give him the Prize was his political views.

During WWII he was living in Italy (He had tremendous respect for Roman and classic European civilization) and he broadcast, on short wave radio I think, saying America had no reason to join in this war. After the war, he was arrested and put into a metal institution near DC where Eustace Mullins and other young American patriots visited him on a regular basis.

That’s when and where Pound asked Eustace Mullins to research the Federal Reserve because Pound smelled a rat there.

Eustace Mullins did the research at the Library of Congress as Pound requested, and confirmed that the Fed was indeed privately-owned and founded by a handful of banksters who later owned the Bank.



Isn’t this just peachy!

A peek at the Russian MSM news.

Quoting Col MacGregor who compares Bakhmut with Hitler’s strategic error of Stalingrad.

Combat in the Donbass.

“We need trans-people! We love trans-people!”
Russians are either shaking their heads or laughing at hysterical trans-America. @11:30

Notice the occult handsign.

Other than that, a lot of traffic accidents and fires, as usual.

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That is an interesting angle! What occult hand sign is that suppose to represent? Trump did the same!

Seems we do fine on our own. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, now we have branched out to Ukraine and chomping at the bit for a Chinese incident not to mention our involvement in Africa.

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Pastor Texe Marrs said Trump was amateurish.
Loyalty to Illuminati, I guess.

Here is a real professional.

How does one handle a cornered animal? Hold a wolf by its ears and don’t let go?