Computer Question!

I am using an older MacBook 10-6-8 purchased in 2006. It still functions as though I bought it yesterday.
However, I keep getting a warning that my Google Chrome Browser is out of date and that You Tube will soon be terminated. I have tried all of the browsers recommend but none work, with the excuse that my computer is too old. Can anyone suggest to me a browser that will work? Thanks!

One of my computers is a MAC 2008 and I use Firefox and it works fine. I upgraded the Ram on it and it works better. I wouldn’t worry about all the dumb messages trying to pressure you to buy a new computer, just refresh your cache and erase your browsing history. Another browser you could try is Brave, I hear it works well with older Macs too.

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OK Thanks, and I will try a bit later.

Apple used to be great about allowing you to upgrade the OS as long as your machine could handle it. They stopped doing that a while ago to funnel people into buying their overpriced products. Chrome won’t update unless you have a minimum OS version, which you are probably past. You might give Chromium a shot. Or, just get yourself a Chromebook for a few hundred bucks.

thanks I have Google Chrome which works great. What I like is YOUTUBE and I am having problems with finding a Browser that will accommodate Youtube.Thanks

Agree on the Chromebook - I have a Pixelbook Go. Best laptop I’ve ever owned.

Welcome to the world of forced hardware upgrades. Used to be anyone could upgrade everything in their own computer. No more. They want you spending your money on the latest and greatest. Next time build your own computer or go the cheap chromebook route as others have suggested. I have a desktop I built for work stuff and a $200 chromebook for travel, email, web browsing, and YouTube - it’s always up to date.