Comey admits decision to send FBI agents to interview Flynn was not standard

No surprise here.

Of particular interest in this piece is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Jonathan Turley. Turley seems to believe Flynn was the victim of an intentional perjury trap. Something I’ve claimed on multiple occasions in another forum.

DEM response was that there is no such thing as a perjury trap. My repeated examples and links did nothing to assuage them. I guess DJS will do that to you.

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Why didn’t Flynn retract his plea, if he was unlawfully interviewed?

Think about it. They put him over a barrel. Unlike most Generals who make millions of dollars when they retire, Flynn didn’t. He got his pension and went to work for Trump when called upon to serve again. That’s what made him dangerous to the establishment. He wasn’t bought and paid for. All he had were some modest investments and savings, his pension, and his house. He had to get rid of nearly all of it just to cover the legal fees from the bloodsucking lawyers he hired to defend him.

If you were in his shoes would you have taken the plea or would you have lost everything and gone into deep amounts of debt in the process? The plea stopped the bleeding.

You make some interesting points… I just can’t get past the fact that he lied about being a unregistered foriegn agent while being the NSA. Like you say, he is a general, a well decorated one at that. He should have know better.

Also, as far as I can tell, he wasn’t broke. He made money working with foreign governments and giving speeeches.

Either way, he had a chance to tell the judge how he felt about his indictment. At least make a statement about how unfairly you feel you were treated. But he didn’t… further more he agreed to further cooperate with the SCO.

The interview wasn’t “unlawful”, he agreed. He trusted them.

He made a common mistake that most Americans would have made.

But “some” of use know better.

Exactly. I just don’t understand why people believe he was wrongly indicted.

What was that mistake?

He trusted them…

Ah got it. I see your (and maybe Conan’s) point.

That was his mistake… but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a liar and when under investigation he continued to lie.

Who told us he did that?


Not following… I said he did what? Lie?

I fixed the question. Sorry. Who told us?

Oh ok thanks. He told us he lied after prosecutors told us he lied.

I am just very disappointed in his actions. He should have known better.

Flynn told us he lied?

Yes. A few times.

Flynn told The judge that he was “aware” that he was committing a crime when he lied to the FBI and also declined to accept the judge’s offer to withdraw his guilty plea.

Now who would have ever thought that the FBI could be corrupted for political purposes? :astonished:


Ok. Thanks…

The plea deal was that he take his medicine. If he were to have reneged on that deal, they could have gone after his son - as they originally threatened to do.

Not unlawful, but highly irregular. Comey admitted as much. Within the context of the interview, they caught Flynn off guard and voila. Perjury trap. Had they followed normal protocol, Flynn would have been protected by counsel. Doesn’t excuse his lying, but my position is that Comey, as part of the deep state, was out to take down Trump.