COME AND SEE 1985 (Russian Production-War)

I have just finished watching the above movie,regretfully on Youtube (Thumbnail Screen). It is an absolute masterpiece well worth watching for two and a half hours. The movies is about a boy soldier who accidentally gets hooked up with the Belorussian Partisans in 1943. What makes this movie so exceptional is its visual and sound effects. The first hour of the movie is somewhat slow moving with him doing routine guard duty and washing latrine barrels. Every so often you hear the signature drone of a German reconnaissance Aircraft and its silhouette. He then goes on a routine patrol gets separated and bumps in to girl refugee. They witness German paratroopers and they both head on to his former home. He does not take a close look when there but the girl does to discover his whole family had been murdered. This is where the movie takes off on a surrealistic venture to an island full of fleeing refugees. He reconnects with the main group of partisans and the movie becomes breathtaking. I had to stand up to watch how grim the situation becomes. Then a frenzy occurs and soldiers with guns become out of control when a Nazi convoy arrives at the village. This scene reminded me of the first Mad Max movie where every thing was bizarre and totally surrealistic. I will finish here because I do not want to be a spoiler .
The visual effect is excellent! The low light of an overcast sky are continuous. Correct uniforms are worn as well as the weapons and vehicles used. The sound effects are just perfect.I highly suggest watching on a rental DVD or rent it online from Amazon.This is not a main stream war movie. It is surely way above average.

If you watched it on YouTube could you share the link? Most people are bored waiting to die.

You can open this and mute it (because it’s Russian or Belarussian, to be exact) while at the same time play the English version minimized for English

This is a documentary, not totally unrelated to the movie.

The defeat of Nazi Germany brought euphoria to the US and Soviet troops, as well as Soviet POWs in German camps for whom the euphoria turned into instant worry.

What will Stalin do to them?
They knew Stalin shot many Red Army generals for ridiculous reasons and ordered those who surrendered to Germans be shot.

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