Come and Get Some White People!

Now this is some pretty blatant revisionism by the Marxists! First of, Harriet Tubman and her cause is to be commendable but it does not override a President who by virtue defeated the British in NO, is the only US president to pay off the National debt and drove out the banks by warning us that banks would make us debt slaves? 25 years later Lincoln was assassinated and the banks returned! Jackson by virtue was a founding Father who secured America’s future in the world by fighting and finalising its independence! Does Tubman’s legacy overweigh that of Jackson’s so much so that he should be replace on the 20 dollar bill? What do you think?

IMO I would make a case for replacing Grant on the 50 dollar bill as he headed one of the most corrupt administrations in US history only to be outdone by Obama!

Just by listening and reading the linked article it clearly is about white washing history which when you think about the statues being removed, schools being renamed and murals being painted over that this is exactly what is happening! Erasing Jackson from the 20 is not only sacrilege but more about the symbolism of replacing whites roles in history, let alone in American history!

Obama himself could come out and say he is the reason why Old Mammy isn’t on the bill yet. They would still blame Trump and call him a racist for taking so long.


Of course they will, but they only discredit themselves when the truth says otherwise!

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When these things finally get printed, I plan on refusing them every where I go. No thanks, I’ll take my change in 5s and 10s.

Well if they get done, who knows what will happen between now and then! At least save your Jackson’s as they might become a collectors item!

But you don’t explain why? You don’t like what Harriet Tubman represents?

Did you bother reading the OP or are you going straight to comments as usual? How about forming your own argument based on the context of what is being said in the OP instead of trying to challenges people’s opinions, at least that way you can offer your perspective based on what is being proposed!

Stop assuming I didn’t read the OP.

You don’t want Tubman on your money. It’s simple. I would love to see her, or any other prominent civil rights leader on a note.

As far as I know, there is no law requiring a president be on a note.

I assuming because your statement ignores the greater context! You are ignoring the argument by being obtuse! No where did I say I do not want Tubman on my money, which says to me you did not read the OP and trying to put words into my mouth!

Do you want to try again? This is me trying to give you a chance to put forth a thoughtful argument not some generic weak opinion! If you can’t do that then I will assume you are back to your old games again and you have nothing of value to add here!

I told you what I think. You don’t think Tubman should replace Jackson. I stated that I just want to see her, or any other prominent civil rights leader, on a note. If it’s Jackson, so be it, there aren’t requirements for who can, or cannot, be on a note.

Jackson, May have merit to stay on the 20, but he isn’t the only one with merit.

And yes, I happen to believe that a prominent figure during a human rights crisis deserves to be on the note more than a President who paid off the national debt. But that’s my opinion.

There was a time when our currency was a work of art, and actually valuable. Now we are two steps above toilet paper.image

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Jackson not only paid the National debt, he also saved the country from the Brits and shaped it to what it is today. I might agree with you about Tubman deserving to be on a note, but not by removing someone who was more prominent in history and achieved much more! As I suggested putting her on a 50 note replacing Grant!

excellent not at if its real money anymore

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If it can be converted into gold or silver, it’s real money. Gold & silver have stood the test of time. Paper, well ???

My in laws who both nearly made it to 100, told me they remembered when people were paid in gold coin.

Those were better times I suppose! I am not sure how realistic it is to do what you earlier suggested! I know of no country that allows money to be exchanged for silver or Gold!

If currency is backed by Gold or Silver, or other precious commodities ( platinum, etc. ), the economy can remain sound. An economy cannot survive if it’s backed by bullshit. Creeping gradualism will always take a country down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [

The ‘SWITCH’! How our money was changed from wealth to debt …