Colorado Secretary of State deleting Dominion Voting Systems documents

Democrats are running scared and they are failing to cover their tracks. They have forgotten that the internet never forgets. If the Colorado Secretary of State has nothing to hide then why is Jena Griswold deleting critical documents connected to the use of Dominion voting machines in Colorado?


Apparently, this Soros puppet only cares about the voices of Democrat voters being heard. All of these people need to go to prison.

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This guy is an absolute beast and is singlehandedly doing more work than the FBI is doing on this.

Speaking of the FBI - where the hell is Barr and why haven’t these traitors been arrested yet?

I hope Ron knows how to defend himself. He is pissing off a lot of people. Seth Rich got whacked for less.

Oh no! A public-website got updated and some content was removed! This must mean something it doesn’t. You people need help. Take your meds.

The government especially in Colorado does nothing unless it benefit themselves.

One thing for certain the left beyond sucks the big one. You are from the regressive left correct?

Joe Biden reiterated his demand on Wednesday that election officials be allowed to count outstanding valid ballots.

The regwistragio problem is country wide and democrats still push the same day registration bullshit, no voter ID required knowing the rolls will be expanded and some will vote that shouldn’t;t like ILLEGALS in colorado.

Today he has changed is tune, doesn’t care if there ar voting irregularities, doesn’t care that this state. In 378 U.S. counties, voter registration rates exceed 100% of the adult population, meaning there are more voter registrations on file than the total voting-age population. Colorado’s stat registration is 102%.
Per county:
San Juan County (158%)
Dolores County (127%)
Jackson County (125%)
Mineral County (119%)
Ouray County (119%)
Phillips County (116%)
Douglas County (116%)
Broomfield County (115%)
Elbert County (113%)
Custer County (112%)
Gilpin County (111%)
Park County (111%)
Archuleta County (111%)
Cheyenne County (111%)
Clear Creek County (110%)
Teller County (108%)
Grand County (107%)
La Plata County (106%
Summit County (106%)
Baca County (106%)
Pitkin County (106%)
San Miguel County (106%)
Routt County (106%
Hinsdale County (105%)
Garfield County (105%)
Gunnison County (105%)
Sedgwick County (104%)
Eagle County (104%)
Larimer County (104%)
Weld County (104%)
Boulder County (103%)
Costilla County (103%)
Chaffee County (103%)
Kiowa County (103%)
Denver County (103%)
Huerfano County (102%)
Montezuma County (102%)
Moffat County (102%)
Arapahoe County (102%)
Jefferson County (101%)
Las Animas County (101%)
Mesa County (100%.

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With the way state and local governments manage the voting systems and registrations, no wonder people question their accuracy.