Colorado baker ends legal fight over transgender woman's cake


It’s the icing on the cake.

The Colorado baker whose refusal to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple was partially upheld by the Supreme Court has ended a separate legal spat with the state over his refusal to make a cake for a transgender woman.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and baker Jack Phillips’ legal team agreed to end two cases: one brought against Phillips by the state for refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition and a federal lawsuit against the state that Phillips filed claiming the state was on a “crusade to crush” to him.


He should have just converted to Islam, he would have won the case.

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This baker guy is stupid. Instead of making an expensive stand, he could have just put ex-lax in the frosting and ruined the honeymoon.

…at the cost of losing his salvation for accepting the mark of the beast.

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They might have liked that.

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This is such bullshit! As a business owner he has the RIGHT to refuse service to anyone! How is it that the state keeps forcing businesses to do crap like this? The state should not be involved in private decision making of business owners on who they will be providing their services to.


timothy is a gay homosexual that gives blowjobs for small portions of cake

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Well yeah, I mean it’s free cake. Who wouldn’t?

Businesses in the US have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. There is a school of thought that asserts the business is required to have a sign posted in order to assert this right but this is not actually the case.

In any case, as a private business is not a government entity, the government does not actually have the right to direct and enforce service policy so long as said policy does not run counter to established law.

Refusing service, whatever the grounds, isn’t a violation of the law or labor code. If they refused to hire someone or created a hostile workplace on the grounds of their sexuality that’s something countermanded by federal labor code and is thus actionable.

Islam promises salvation too.

I would never trust someone I so arrogantly forced to serve me against their wishes (by means of threats of lawsuits etc) to not do something hinky to the food in reprisal.

Not really. And what promise is extended is worthless.

But the worthlessness of it aside, there is no assurance aside from being a martyr who died advancing Islam. One former Muslim put it roughly this way: a Muslim could do all the works commended, not do anything forbidden, rise to prominence and authority, act ethically, and basically be a “super Muslim” and still be thrown into hell.

No religion provides assurances. That’s why they are called Faiths.