Collection of scary stories

Although the figures are not officially announced, many people disappear in the Nation Parks of the US.

Abducted by aliens, eaten by weird creatures, become victims of undercover experiments? Who knows.

Kind of like this story.

(Former) park rangers speak

“Skin Walkers” from the skin walker ranch in Utah!

As one guy suspects, there’s some secret project going on trying to mix human and animal genes.

BTW, Nepal’s airlines is called “Yeti Airlines”?
Yeti is abominable snowman. Not funny.

Or its a spiritual or Alien thing that has been kept in a dark deep secret from the DOD?

Sightings of Skinwalkers (shapeshifting creatures) has been going on for years especially by certain tribal police members.

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Yes, if you read Tony Hillerman’s detective novels (Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim Chee series), stories abound about Navajo skinwalkers.

It appears that the difference between good shamans (medicine men and women) and bad shamans (witches) may be paper thin.

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I am not sure that this qualifies as scary stories but WTF did I just watch?

Based on the account from Vietnam, it appears that the US government is creating some of the monster animals / humans

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From what I heard, some (space) civilizations are new to Earth. They are neutral and don’t want to do any harm. They just want to observe what’s happening on Earth.

These guys are not good at cloaking their ships.

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