Colion Noir on AOC's Gun Ban

The dude makes sense,


Colin Noir is a highly paid NRA representative. He has his points down cold and knows how to deliver. I don’t find him to be believable. He’s like the Diamond and Silk of the gun world.

So you agree with AOC’s gun control proposals?

Can you dispute his points?

Show me where I said that I agree with AOC. There is a great quote function here, just highlight it and go. Make me eat my words.

I’ll save you the trouble. I agree with his points. I just think he is untrustworthy and gimmicky. The NRA could have done much better in finding a token who wasn’t so fake.

It was a question dude. Notice the thing on the end commonly called a “question mark”.

You didn’t say that you agreed or disagreed with AOC. You just attacked the messenger.

Colion is spot on. First comes Universal Background checks, followed by National registration, followed by attempted Confiscation.

Good luck with that last step!

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That’s a stretch. The guy knows his stuff. I watched the full 2-hour Joe Rogan podcast where he was a guest. He talked in-depth about guns and gun issues the whole time.

Also both @Yogi and @MarkDido are spelling his name wrong: Colion Noir






So you agree with what he says but say he isn’t believable?

Do you know why the NRA hired him?

Highly paid? How much does the NRA pay him? And what difference does it make who pays him or how much he is paid if what he says is true?

What specifically, did he say that you do not believe? Could it be that you just don’t want to believe what he says is true?

That makes no sense at all. You first said that you don’t find him believable, then you say you agree with his points, and finally you say that he is fake? Which is it?

Actually the universal background check and national registration have to happen simultaneously. Confiscation would occur piecemeal over time as various guns became the saveur du jour for the gun grabbers. Today its ARs, tomorrow it could be all semi-auto hand gun magazines over 6 rounds and the semi-auto guns themselves the next day. That process has already occurred in California and Connecticut.

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I’ve seen one article that proposes banning any weapon that has a shroud over the barrel. That would eventually be expanded to included semi-automatic pistols…that have a slide over the barrel.

Then they will extend the ban to all black guns.

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Does the article elaborate on the reasoning behind banning barrel shrouds? What do they claim that would accomplish?

My Berretta 92 will go up in value if they do. :wink:

I suppose it’s because they look evil.

They might attempt to ban the lower pictured model and give the upper one a pass…only if the magazines could hold only 9 rounds.

Well, just as long as they don’t ban the shoulder thing that goes up.

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…or the threaded barrel. God forbid a person should be able to screw on a flash suppressor!..or a silencer!


I suppose that means they want to ban my Garand and M1 Carbine too because they have barrel shrouds.

… and bayonet lugs. :grimacing: