Cold Case Murder Mystery Documentaries

This thread will be for posting Cold Case Murder Mystery Documentaries, I’ll post them but if others are also interested in this type of thing then feel free to post links to Documentaries also.

I like the best the old Cold Cases, especially one’s from the Victorian Period and into the 1940s.

The below Documentary features 2 Cold Cases from the early 1900’s, the murders of Ambrose Small and Harriet Camille Arnold.

Here’s some more Cold Case Murders, 2 from the 1950’s, the murders of The Walker Family and Malvina Krutz.

Do you have missing persons documentaries in mind as well?

There are literally thousands of missing persons in US National Parks of all places.

There is work done by a former cop (books, documentaries, etc). His name escapes me and I can’t find it because Google is hiding it by some reason.

The name of the former cop is David Paulides
Wikipedia poopoos his work. I wonder why.

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