CNN health pundit (she's CHINESE BTW) claims travel within the U.S. is a "privilege" and not a constitutional right

WTF?! This CNN Health Pundit Dr. Leana Wen is saying that travel between States is a “privilege” and NOT a Constitutional Right and that there should be “restrictions of movement” for unvaccinated people.

She’s CHINESE BTW she’s not even American, she should literally STFU and then GTFO.

She’s probably 100% in support of unvaccinated Third World Shithole peasants being airlifted into America though and also 100% in support of unvaccinated Third World Shithole peasants just walking across our deliberately Open Border.


Click on the picture below to watch this Chinese bitch dictating to AMERICANS what AMERICANS can and can’t do in OUR OWN country! GTFO Chinese bitch and go back to China already:

So who is this Chinese woman Dr. Leana Wen? Read below, she’s not too surprisingly one of The Usual Suspects.


Not only is Dr. Leana Wen a member of the Council on Foreign Relations BUT she’s the former leader of Planned Parenthood and also of course NOT an American but a Chinese BORN woman:

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Another member of the GLOBALIST ELITE that knows what is best for us LOWER CLASS Peasents as if we can’t figure it out.
The CFR is at the front of creating a ONE WORLD GOVERMENT and or a “NEW WORLD ORDER.”
She speaks like a true COMMUNIST about interstate travel being a privilege and not a right.Like a true COMMUNIST talking down our CONSTITION,when she has those rights too.

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Well she is Chinese they believe you have NO RIGHTS , F- HER !!!

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I wonder did Wen come up with this gem …

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Yes I posted this in another thread, this psycho Frank Schaeffer openly advocating murdering anyone not in agreement. IMAGINE if a Right-Winger would have commented this on MSNBC or ANY MSM channel, imagine if a Right-Winger would have said “ANYONE supporting the murder of babies In Utero should be targeted by Drone Attacks”

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A shame he wasn’t aborted


Of course she’s American :roll_eyes:

Can’t believe you speak of Trump so….:flushed:

No she was BORN in CHINA that makes her CHINESE.

She’s an American……

Leana Sheryle Wen (Chinese: 温麟衍; born Wen Linyan ; January 27, 1983) is an American physician, an op-ed columnist with The Washington Post and a CNN medical analyst.

Dude she was BORN in China, she’s Chinese, okay she’s a Fake American because she got a passport but she’s STILL Chinese.

Reading comprehension is NOT a Leftist strongpoint I know, but here it is AGAIN, Chinese-born MEANS Born In China and Born In China = CHINESE.


She’s an American of Chinese descent. Do you really not understand how immigration and citizenship works???

Yeah I do but NOT the BS Leftist version they brought in in the 1960s or whenever it was. To NON-Leftists where you are BORN is WHAT you are, this coupled with WHERE your PARENTS where BORN.

Eg. Your parents are American of European Descent and you were born in China because they were working there, that makes YOU American of European Descent but born in China = you are NOT Chinese.

Eg. Your parents are Chinese born in China and you were born in China that makes YOU Chinese, if you then decide to move somewhere else after X amount of years you can get some Mickey Mouse Passport to give you a Fake Nationality but you will ALWAYS REMAIN a Chinese person.

Not according to US law. Leana Wen is an American citizen despite what you say or think….:wink:

US Law sucks ass, this is the same US Law that ALLOWS ILLEGALS to squat in Sanctuary Cities.

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Oh I’ve always known that Trumpers were a lawless bunch….

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We need to send Ching Chong back to China.


Great, how to???