CNN and Shep Smith, match made in fake news heaven

Just as I predicted! LMAO! Shep would be right at home to spout his nonsensical bias! CNN is where the Shep Smiths of the world go to die! He’ll join Don Lemontard where they will live happily ever while doing make overs on each other’s little weenies! All too funny!

CNN President Jeff Zucker signaled Thursday that he is “very open” to hiring Shepard Smith

“I think Shep Smith is a great journalist. I understand he’s not able to take any job for the foreseeable future, but when he’s available, he is somebody who I think is incredibly talented and I would be very open to talking to him.”

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His only job on CNN will be the expert commentator to bash Fox News, Republicans, and President Trump.


Only when deserving of it.

I’m glad to see he is able to find meaningful employment in his chosen profession. I also can’t wait to hear all of the inside information about Faux that he’s going to share.

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He’s a professional, I’m sure there will be nothing gratuitous.