CLOWN WORLD: Female Birth Coach OUSTED From Job For Saying "Only Women Have Babies"


Biology 101 = Hate Speech in 2019.

Go Clowns Go!!!


A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines.

They did not expel the mother- of-four, who has been a doula – who provide continuous support during pregnancy – for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post.

Mrs McCarthy-Calvert did so, but resigned believing Doula UK had ‘acquiesced’ to demands from a small number of activists and failed to stand up for women’s rights.

‘I am angry and sad,’ she said last night. ‘I was effectively ostracised for saying I am a woman and so are my clients.


Only a biological female, commonly referred to as a Woman throughout history and across all cultures can give birth to a human child.

All transvestites are mentally ill and should be marched straight up the highest rooftop around.


This is a totalitarian mindset.

The left is populated by a cabal of insane sociopaths.


Oh well - boo fucking hoo. Modern feminism and it’s morally bankrupt, progressive ideology continues to screw over women.

It was women that opened their arms and embraced this shit sandwich, now it’s choking them. It’s funny as heck! Enjoy ladies! Be sure to wax the feminine balls just as you would another vajayjay.

Great, now that men can give birth there are gonna be a LOT more little shits around…

Imagine the horror of being a Men’s Midwife. Bring the laxative and toilet paper around the trailer park at 2am and help some meth-addicted freak push out a fat turd, clean up a bit, put it into a cradle, and wish them well!

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Who cares…

  • It is women that are VOTING for abortion rights.

  • It is women that are VOTING for family court.

  • It is women that are VOTING for gay marriage.

  • It is women that are VOTING for climate taxes.

  • It is women that are VOTING for affirmative action.

  • It is women that are VOTING for 3rd world migration.

  • It is women that are VOTING for preferential treatment in education, the workforce, academia, which it turn translates in ostracization of males.

  • It is women that are destroying men with false rape allegations.

  • It is women that are destroying men with false sexual harassment allegations.

  • It is women that are destroying media and video games with their grievance politics, feminism, and social justice dialectic.

  • It is women that are refusing to have children and in turn have managed to abort 1,460,000,000 children in 2 decades.

  • It is women that are forcing their children to take hormones and chemically castrate them at 7-years-old.

  • It is women that are 4X more likely to have STDs than men.

  • It is women that boast 40% more lifetime partners than men.

  • It is women that are over 10% less likely to be virgins than the males in their age range.

Women voting rights were a mistake

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More women need to be affected b y the toxicity that is feminism. This is only way we can get rid of feminism altogether from our schools. Without that, younger generations are going to indoctrinated into this dangerous cult.

Wait wait! Full stop…if transgenders got offended because she said “only women can have babies” that means transgenders think “transgender women are not women” Dafuq?

What really pisses 'em off is that only males can write their name in the snow as they pee while standing up.

Thank God our Sun will one day go super nova. That’ll clean up the mess.

Wasn’t too long ago that the transgender inclusive radical feminist tore into another radical feminists who dared to say that a woman was someone with female biology and any persona and not any biology and a feminine persona.

Women can do that if they can manage a ink jet printer impersonation … but that takes control and lots of moving back and forth.

“It is women that are refusing to have children and in turn have managed to abort 1,460,000,000 children in 2 decades.”

It’s almost like the Lord is letting whole societies become a bad as bad can be (depraved minds) because they refused to retain the knowledge of Him but wanted their own ways.

(Also don’t neglect the clowns that go around screwing everything that moves)

Not entirely true.

I had an aunt named Dot.

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I wish I’d read that before breakfast . . . I’ve just seen it again! :nauseated_face: :grimacing:

Are transvestites the same as ‘transpeople’? That’s what they’re called here in the world’s madhouse aka the United Kingdom. What the fuck drives these perverts to flaunt their bizarre proclivities at every given opportunity, the variations of which seem endless, with gay pride freak-show parades? Is it some kind of recruiting tactic? lol

There’s a theory that male homosexuality is caused by estrogen in the water supplies, and seeing that there are so many males turning into females these days, it would seem to be a quite sound theory, doncha agree? And don’t even get me started on same sex marriage!! :nauseated_face: I just can’t get my head around the phrase ‘his husband’ - I mean how do they decide who’s gonna be the husband, and who’s gonna be the wife? And how does one formally address the ‘wife’? For example, how can you look a male in the face and call him Mrs Somethingorother? I wish I hadn’t asked that - it’s hurting my brain.

Interesting theory.

Basically boils down to women take birth control pills and men much downstream are turning into idiots and perverts.

Of course there’s the Romans 1:18-32 explanation and the root cause is spiritual.

Hey, HEY!!

Watch that!

You can’t say that on the internet without being accused of FORCING your religion DOWN THEIR THROATS!!!

Don’t be that theocratic bigot!

(God help us.)

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

It wasn’t peeling well.

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Well I assume the Transgenders will be forming long lines outside the sperm banks for fertilization.
A Transvestite is a man that likes to dress up as a woman and most are heterosexual but not all.