Clout & Conscience

A Practical Application for Using the Aristocratic White-Lady Voice in Real Life

I’ve joked for years that my porcelain complexion is really just brilliant, aristocracy white. Until about a year ago, that would have been the extent of discussing my race amongst mixed company, or even in the presence of other whites. After finding the alt-right in the wake of C-ville, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about what internalizing and projecting white identity really entails. This knowledge has motivated me to do my best to change what I can when I can for fellow whites who aren’t consciously aware of the calculated demographic displacement that has been accelerated since the Obama-Era.

Most notably, in the last 6 months or so, I’ve started leveraging my woman status and utilizing what I call “my aristocratic white-lady voice.” I have found that it is an effective way to challenge friend, foe and stranger alike to think outside of the safe zone they’ve been duped into believing is truth and in turn, shed light on where they can really find safety.

I have some insights to pass along to others in our movement who want to adopt the challenge to make IRL outreach a daily goal—to constantly have that sense of agency at the forefront of our minds and for our people. . .

Here’s my story.