Climate Alarmists Superglue Themelves To Street, Get Arrested After Bringing

Approximately 62 climate protesters were arrested after supergluing themselves to a lime green boat they parked in a busy Times Square intersection in New York City. The demonstrators donned life jackets painted with slogans, telling police " This is a climate emergency," when asked to disperse.

Expect more disruptive activities against nations here and there…

Who are Extinction Rebellion — the ‘eco-activists’ grounding planes & shutting down cities

Calling for civil disobedience in the face of climate change, Extinction Rebellion protesters have been remarkably successful in thrusting themselves into the headlines. But what is the movement all about? And who’s behind it?

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I guarantee these people were funded by Soros.

  • Just like the migrant caravan
  • Just like the Syrian refugee crisis NGOs
  • Jus like Media Matters
  • just like most of the US media
  • Just like ‘the Squad’

… is it obvious what’s happening yet?

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Is superglue environmentally safe?

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These people are retarded and need to find a new hobby! Funny how they never protest China or India for being the biggest polluters on the planet!

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Excellent post, Dr_Manhattan

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One of the morons over here climbed on top of a plane yesterday, and would you believe it, shut down London City Airport while the great British police ‘service’ were running around like headless chick=ens wondering what to do about it. This is a C&P of what I Tweeted a few minutes ago

'WHY TF did the police stop the plane from taking off? That moron would soon have climbed down when the engines fired up. These anarchists must be stopped before someone is killed but the plod just stand back as usual. I expect they ‘take it extremely seriously’ though? :roll_eyes: ’ (The ‘corporate message’ of the Brit police is ‘We take this kind of thing (whatever the felony is) extremely seriously!’ but then they do fuck all about it!)

Many areas that are polluted on our planet. China now has dead zones, that will not recover until humanity is erased for a few million years. Same as Chernobyl. Great engineering Russia, no containment structure. Get that shit into the ground water toot sweet. Seems we always shit where we eat.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m truly enjoying this clown show. it will be even better next year after Trump is re-elected.

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Here ya go:

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Yes, but to all these people it doesn’t matter, because they don’t actually believe in their cause. They only protest in the confines of a country that protects their free speech!

I would imagine to a lot these climate cucks the actual consideration of going to places like Russia and China to bring their bleeding hearts and protests there, is the fear and reality of the consequences of such an act is a non starter for a lot them!

People like these who are too shroomed out to know of such realities of standing on such convictions! :rofl::rofl:

Brings new meaning to the term “Climate Crusty”! :rofl:

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Apropos this ‘super-glueing themselves to the ground’ thang? I keep asking myself (serious question) - do they apply the adhesive to their clothing, in which case they can easily be moved from the clothing even if it means using a big pair of scissors? Or do they apply it to themselves, in which case it must be bloody painful when the plod pick them up? :scream: