Classic Jesse Lee Peterson puts pastor on hot seat - “Do you love white people?” Pastor runs off stage

This is short and enjoyable

Not sure if this is a priest or a protestant pastor – but JLP asks him if he loves ■■■■ and he says “absolutely” but when JLP asks him if he loves white people…he stutters and eventually runs off stage; JLP yells “beta” as he rage quits.


This wigger so-called “pastor” PRETENDED to believe that there was no such thing as White people and he didn’t know what Jesse was referring to when he mentioned “White people”.

That’s hot stuff…

Once you see these leftists down you can see clearly how indoctrinated they are. He had no problem saying that he loved all ■■■■ but then when he was asked the same question about white people he floundered all over the place.

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Yeah! That was pretty ■■■■■■ Holy crap! Do these ideologues not see themselves ever?

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“Do you luv wyte peepo?” Gotta love JLP.

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